Life as a single Mother-Empty nest, Dating, Ex-husband, Best Friends, Full-time Employment, Unemployment, night school...How do these all relate to one another? Come with me:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass on a summer day listening to the murmur of water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is hardly a waste of time. ~John Lubbock

First day of Summer is this week. Of course I am still stressed about the job and money issues that hover over me like a dark canopy.
But I cannot help but bask in the long awaited sunshine and soak up a little bit of happiness, laziness and relaxation.
This past weekend was an extended family reunion. Over a decade ago, we spent our first reunion at my mothers sisters house to celebrate the beginning of summer, Fathers Day and my maternal grandfathers birthday (all of which happened to fall in the same week as my wedding anniversary) for a family get-together. Although it is no longer my anniversary at least in celebration, and my grandfather has now passed, we continue to celebrate each year.
The weather could not have been more beautiful.
I had a house full. There were twelve adults and three toddlers in this house for two nights. Which is not too bad if everyone pitches in.... that was not the case.
But it was a small sacrifice.

The third weekend in June is also the time for our town celebration and fair. We happen to live on the parade route and merely step outside with cup of coffee in hand to enjoy the festivities.

Could not have crammed more into this three day weekend. It was a needed break from the stresses.

And yesterday, a phone interview for potential employment! Please let this not jinx it.

Hope all of the Fathers had a wonderful day last Sunday. The daughters and sons had a chance to spend it with their fathers. And that those who no longer have opportunity to spend the time physically with their father, at least had a chance to reflect on the time that they did.

I love you Dad. I cherish every day I get to spend with you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Time is moving so quickly.

So.... here it is. My baby (Rachel) is now officially an adult preparing to go out into this big bad world on her own.
Last week she took her commencement walk. The weather could not have been more perfect.

We have been so busy preparing for her first semester of college. This is a first for all of us. I am a college graduate but I returned to school a few years out of high school. I also attended a school just a few miles from my childhood home.

It is a whole different scenario when the school is 300 miles from home.
We are juggling housing, class schedules, finances and all of this from a distance is frustrating.
She has also been working hard. So much money to save up before August.

In the midst of all of this planning... she will be tagging along on with her best friends' family on a trip to Virgina and the nations capital. A trip of a lifetime.
Although they have offered to pay her way on most everything, she will be paying her airfare.
All of this brings on a little bit of stress. For her. For me.
This too shall pass I understand.
I just wish I could get a gull durn job and help my daughter out a little.

On a lighter note: I am such a proud mother.
The month Rachel was born, I became a mother of three. I was twenty three years old and in the last month of the last semester of my first two years of college. Finals week was just nine days away. I had her, I took care of her in her first week of life while studying for finals with a three year old and a near two year old in tow. I then took her with me the next week to most all of my finals. She was bound to be a college grad!

Her father and I used to think about the future. All of our kids would be out of the house when we were still in our forties and it would then be our time to play.
Here I am. All three kids graduated. The second (the baby) ready to leave home. And I am not near as excited as I thought I would be.
I am of course excited for her. But I am also a bit sad. And proud. So many emotions.
Onward to the next chapter.. for us all.