Life as a single Mother-Empty nest, Dating, Ex-husband, Best Friends, Full-time Employment, Unemployment, night school...How do these all relate to one another? Come with me:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eat, drink and be scary. ~Author Unknown

No good news to report on the job front... 
But had a wonderful weekend in some 80+ degree weather with extended family and friends.

 So glad we had a chance (me and my girls) to get together with family and celebrate the holiday.
 We attended a bewitching party with great food, entertainment and conversation.
 Everyone dressed as witches. A whole room full of hats and warts.
 A skit acted out to the Dixie Chicks 'Goodbye Earl'.
And now were are home once again and I have a head cold as I sit here searching the job boards--- still

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Last day before the cool air of Autumn kisses our cheeks.

"I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house. 
So I spend almost all the daylight hours in the open air.
-  Nathaniel Hawthorne

Maybe you have noticed my new header photo. That was taken last weekend on a last minute afternoon drive into the mountains. We have had a wonderfully wet season this year and thus the colors are excessively brilliant. 

Boredom and anticipation of my impeding calls from employers were getting the best of me. I was feeling a bit stir-crazy. I enlisted my daughter and her boyfriend to take a drive with me to Sundance resort. Home of the Academy Award winning actor- Robert Redford. It is also home to much of the Sundance film festival held each year although it has grown to such a grand affair as to spread into larger areas.

"In 1969 it started with an idea and $500; this is the place, the place where it all started. - Robert Redford.

It was a sight to behold. 

The mountains were ablaze with colors. The air, although still warm for October was fresh and fragrant. 

I can not help but think it was this time of year which Redford, gazing upon the mountainside came up with the name for his resort which was built the year I was born. The sun does dance upon the mountainside.

If you look at this last photo, see the area of light brown dirt? The house just above that is Redford's house. 

And a little closer to home 

This is a long week. Much waiting and anticipation. Still pouring over job boards and applications. 

I took a long walk to stretch my limbs and breathe in the fresh air one last time. We are supposed to get the storms tomorrow.

I managed to snap a few shots of the mountain looming over the town. But wouldn't you know, as the grey clouds began to move in over the sunset I ran my battery dry. I missed a few shots of the rain clouds falling neatly into the lake. A few of the sunset shining toward the eastern mountain enhancing the colored leaves of the trees on its face.

But managed to get some really nice shots and return home before a sprinkling of autumn rain.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

“Life is all about timing... the unreachable becomes reachable, the unavailable become available, the unattainable... attainable. Have the patience, wait it out It's all about timing.” Stacey Charter

Timing seems to be my enemy this week.
I have not posted in over a week as I was hoping to post when I was once again on a payroll.

It has not happened yet.

I still wait.

Of the two jobs I wrote about in my last post, one called stating I was still very much 'in the running' for the position. And yet, I wait. Wait for them to get approval for the added position, wait for the meetings and discussions for the expenditures of bringing in a new employee. Could be up to two more weeks.

The other job, I have heard nothing from.

Both were to contact me this past week. One did- late Friday afternoon.

It seems there is a catch 22 in effect here. Companies are also tight in this recession, unable to spend money. Which causes the job hiring to suffer.

And I, and so many are on the other side- needing some of that corporate money.

And so I have time-----and yet I am at the mercy of time.

Two weeks means monthly bills due. And no money to pay them.

Time means a good couple weeks before seeing any money even if a job were offered.

Time is usually on our side as the saying goes.

Here is hoping for a phone call very soon, with very good news.

Two frogs fell into a deep cream bowl,
one was an optimistic soul; But the other took the gloomy view,
"i shall drown, "he cried, "and so will you."
So with a last despairing cry,
He closed his eyes and said "Good-bye."
But the other frog, with a merry grin
Said, "I can't get out, but I won't give in!
I'll swim around till my strength is spent.
For having tried, I'll die content."
Bravely he swam until it would seem
His struggles began to churn the cream.
On the top of the butter at last he stopped
And out of the bowl he happily hopped.
It's easily found.
If you can't get out--Keep swimming around !