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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Betty Crocker's here in spirit

Every year the girls and I (even my son when he is in town), bake up a batch of festive treats and then run them to friends and neighbors. When the kids were younger it served two purposes. First being that it was a rather inexpensive way to share the season. Second and most important was the company. Spending the day in the kitchen with the children is a great way to teach them. Spending the day together also teaches them to get along, work together and give them the satisfaction of creating something delicious.

Then we deliver them. Meeting with neighbors we rarely see in the winter months when we all hibernate and stay out of the cold. Saying hello and spending a moment or two catching up. Suburban neighborhoods can become a bit unsociable or make you feel isolated especially in the colder months. It is nice to take a moment with others.

This year we made quite a spread. I would have taken a few more photos but our tiny kitchen was overrun. More like a disaster.

After spending the morning coffee in hand, wrapping gifts for my ever expanding family we fired up the oven.
Beginning with simple mini banana bread loaves which used up our ever ripening supply of the star ingredient.

Next we made some tiny little vanilla tarts with pomegranate seeds.

Rachel mixed up some lemon ginger biscotti cookies while I started on some toffee fudge.

Things could have moved along much more quickly if we had more than one oven. Lots of waiting time on baking and cooling. This is why I think I love cooking so much more than baking.

We created a good mix of old favorites and some brand new recipies we found this year. I really need to stop watching the food channel and picking up new recipe books on a whim.

We made tiny cherry cheesecakes and then some blondies with cranberry and apricot topping and some raspberry spritzel bars.

Finishing off with chocolate truffles, and a pecan log then some simple edible snowflakes for decoration.

Hours later I sit, pizza in hand absolutely exhausted. The girls have run the treats this year I haven't the energy. Will have to get out to say hello to the neighbors and friends before the holiday hits.

But all in all it was a great bonding day with my girls. I love spending the day in the kitchen with them. We laugh, we talk, we giggle at our mistakes sing to the carols playing on the system and just enjoy each others company.

Isn't that what the holidays are about?

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  1. I just had to comment on this and tell you that I've been striving to do this for the last two years and keep falling short!!!! Lucas and I spend time baking cookies/goodies together but the whole delivery to specific friends and neighbours just falls short - we get to just a few but that's it! I cannot think of a better way to spread the Christmas Spirit then surprising neighbours with some goodies and smiles - it will be one of my big goals for next year. Thanks for posting this : )


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