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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Haven't even had a moment to share the good news! I am employed!!!!
It is not the dream job, quite a commute and at a much lower salary- however it pays the bills.

The first three days have gone well. I seem to have made quite the impression on my new boss and at the same time, the exact opposite impression on one other new co-worker.

Such is the working world I suppose.

I do miss spending so much time with my daughter. It was nice after all those years of working and schooling full time to spend some long hours with my girls. It is fine, we can still schedule time for sure and  now we might have a few extra dollars to help with that.

By no means am I back to a point where I feel the burden shifting, there is still little money in the bank, my credit is not where I wish it were after the ID theft and no income.

There are so many repairs to be done, expensive repairs. It will be a long time until I can truly feel as though I have a handle on things. Especially at the lower pay. But I once again feel as though I am contributing to the workings of the world. That I am making a difference in some way.

It has been a little tough getting up with an alarm, and I am still not sleeping through the night...maybe that will change. One day at a time.

I am now wishing the same for all my friends and family who are still looking for good work. Those who are struggling more than I am.
On another note:
Here in Utah we have four full seasons of weather. For longer than I can remember, those seasons have melded together into some grotesque mask of what they should be.

This year however has been glorious! A Summer that began warm a little hotter near August and then slowly cooled into the fall temperatures late September... Some areas nearby got a skiff of snow last night. We have yet to get snow but I am a little more prepared for winter this year. It could be the slow weather changes rather than storms in the summer. Or it could be life seems a bit sweeter altogether with the job and the renewed spirit.

All I know is that for the first time in a LONG time I am ready to take on what is ahead. I am excited to see tomorrow and as weird as it sounds, once again feel like the Head of the household once again.

I am getting excited for the holidays, something that I never fully felt last year. How about you? Are you excited to decorate? To purchase gifts (even on a tight budget)? Are you excited to see family? or children who have moved away?

 I think today I will bake some pumpkin bread and spice up the house. It is good for the soul.


  1. So happy for you! Good luck with everything - and enjoy the upcoming holiday season!

  2. Thanks you BLW it means a lot. I hope the same for you soon! I am not exactly out of the woods yet. Low pay is not much more than unemployment, and many things need repair and catch up. However the ability to pay the bills eases a LOT of stress.

  3. Congratulations, it's good to hear things are looking up!
    I think you are talking about Thanksgiving not Christmas?! I can't think about Christmas yet and we don't do Thanksgiving on this side of the Pond - well, not as a holiday that requires decorations anyway: I hope we are thankful!

  4. Yes Hausfrau- I did mean Thanksgiving here in the states which will then run into Christmas..planning time with family. I suppose I am more looking forward to the food and family part of the holidays than the actual spending and shopping etc. Thank you.

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  6. YEAH !!! I am so Happy for YOU !!!! CONGRATULATIONS. Don't worry about the co worker, worry about the boss, unless the co-worker is bosses family or close friend.


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