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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Busy Summer

I have not had but a moment to blog this summer.. Been out enjoying this weather while it lasts. In about one hour I will be picking my daughter up from the airport. We splurged a little on a flight so that she could see her brother one more time before he heads over seas for a whole year to serve our country.
Thought I would pop in for a quick moment to share some photos.
Last weekend my youngest daughter and I went into downtown Salt Lake City for the annual Arts festival. I carried my camera through the entire festival and never took one photo... I suppose it was the fact that there was so much to see and do.. and eat we got sidetracked a bit.
However, being the spontaneous and crazy chick that those who know me know I can be, we arrived at the festival about 2 hours early.
We decided to take a walk around the city. There was a convention of some sort being held in the city and there were women with name badges on everywhere we went. When we saw them looking up at the local buildings in awe, some stopping to pose near statues and in parks, I mentioned how we take for granted the beauty of our own city. It is only when we visit other places when we notice the architecture or the surroundings.

Then and I took a few candid shots of the truly amazing sites most may not notice in our own back yard.

Here I share with you, my backyard:

Salt Palace Convention
Center. (Above right)

Sidewalk Cafe

Are these Bouncers?

Resting Spot

This last photo is the same 'pond' that we went Ice Skating on this past winter.


  1. You've taken some great pictures here. Beautiful city.

  2. CBG- Thank you for the compliment. I am an amateur photographer but love to take photos. Every city can be beautiful- just have to know where to look me thinks.

  3. Great pics. I once took a camera with me on my favorite bike ride that I do once a week. At one point, I asked another cyclist to snap my photo by a lake. "Where are you visiting from?" she asked. "I'm not."

    Yes, there is beauty all around us.

  4. Yes DH exactly! We drive in to Park City all the time. They think we are tourists.. ha but then I suppose most there are.


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