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Monday, June 29, 2009

All A-Twitter

The social media craze may be just that... a craze, a Phase, a fad... But I don't care.

Recently I have taken a bit of flack from my parents, my kids, my coworkers and friends about all the sites I am on.
Starting with this blog. Sometimes the reaction is:

Them: 'You have a blog? Cool! you should write a book.'

Me: well, maybe if my grammar was a tad bit cleaner. Lord knows my life is a bit of a comedy.


Them: Blog? What is a blog?


Them: Really? The whole world knows all about you? Is that safe? Why would you share your life like that with strangers? How dare you put your kids on the internet what about child molesters?

Me: erm.. No, the whole world does not know ALL about me. I don't use the name notasoccermom EVERYwhere I go! I keep this as private as I can whilst being able to share a bit of me and my story to others. My mother taught me to share. And the friends I have made through this blog- well, I know all about I g
uess we aren't really strangers any more than a guy I might talk to in a bar. My kids are safe, two are adults themselves and just as I teach them to be safe on-line, I do as I say. I am not sure that a molester would go to the trouble to do a sherlock holmes on my site... hunt us down just to have my children. they are beautiful and well worth the trouble but I think we will be ok.

Them: What is facebook? And also very similar responses as above with the and such.


Them: I don't care to hear what everybody is eating for breakfast or when they take their dog for a walk...etc..

Me: At first glance on facebook, I felt exactly the same. But it has become a great place to get re-acquainted with friends I have not spoken to since high school, where we are, what has happened in our lives, who has grandchildren, who lost their hair. It is a virtual reunion.
It is also a place where my extended family can share news such as my cousins new baby we have been waiting a decade for. Facebook can be awesome. I have friends who just don't like it's publicness... what do they have to hide? You choose what you put in. You choose your friends. Unless you don't want one person to know about another.. I suppose that would be sticky in any situation though eh?
I have heard of people who dont want their parents reading what thier friends read and I find it a bit funny.

And then there is Twitter... a whole new ballgame. Many many people don't 'get' Twitter. I suppose it is a bit like star trek to the geeks. We have our own language, we can relate like no other groups and people on the outside just aren't sure they want to accept 'us'.

I admit, even more so than Facebook, I was reluctant. Not even my children, raised in the electronic age have Twitter accounts. They mock me, their mother.

My defense: Although I have a LOT to learn still about the inter workings of the twitterverse, it has yet to cease to entertain me! In all honesty, I don't really send out many status updates. This is for the most part because I am finding out just how boring my days can be compared with my twitter followers.
However, where else can you get updates on Ashton Kutcher's new movie spread- straight from the 'horse's' mouth. (just an analogy Ashton) I love getting quick glimpses into his daily life on the set. Also his wife Demi. I love her! Who supported her husband when he 'Ding dong ditched' Ted Turners office, LIVE as it happened. (with Ted's OK of course) A pay-off on a bet- when he beat him with one million followers.
How else would I know that Shaq loves 'yo mama' jokes. Marlee Matlin's petition for closed captioning on all of Netflix flicks.
I love getting up-to-the-minute updates from CNN. Being introduced to brand new singers whom I love like Chris Blake and telling him personally how much I love his music.
Or how heartbroken the legendary Elizabeth Taylor was when MJ passed. All the celebrities and 'regular folk' mourning in unison at the first word of both his and Farrah's passing.

I have many followers, and I follow many. Way too many to mention here. Some I wont mention as they may not WANT to be followed.
I hope it stays this way, fresh and fun and non threatening. It always seems that there is someone who ruins it for everyone... I really hope that is not the case.
Hearing from celebrities, other single parent friends, other friends as they are fighting the same fight we call life, in their own words, in real time.. is kinda cool. So much better than tabloid junk. I really don't feel like it is an imposition on them, more of a fun way to interact with fans.
And just today- just now, a new friend offering advice on my sore throat. I hate being sick.

If you would like to follow my boring life on Twitter my handle is notthesoccermom
see you on the flip side.


  1. I get the same responses, too. Especially the safety and general welfare concerns. Apparently the fact that I'm a single mom negates the fact that I not only have firearms in the house, but I'm trained and certified in how to use them.

  2. Ashley, you go girl. thanks for the comments

  3. I related to this post! I found what you said about twitter so interesting! I LOVE to blog and LOVE FB for all the reasons you said but am scared to death of twitter! I am sure if I tried I would be ok and figure it out!!:) so maybe just maybe I will give it a shot...

  4. How great you have embraced all the new technologies! I spend way more time blogging than doing the other two. Twitter I spend the least. I just like that we are able to be as connected as we like these days.

  5. Debbie: Gald to hear that you related to this well. Twitter is not scary at all -but a big time waste
    DH- I too spend more time on blogging although it doesnt show very well. Considering the amount of posts I have generated in the past month.


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