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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Food - Chicken Marsala

Lets lighten things up a bit shall we?
Ever wanted to make a real elegant and great tasting meal in two pans and less than an hour?
What single parent- what parent- what busy person at all wouldnt want a simple, delicious, and impressive meal?

Chicken Marsala-( and roasted vegetables)
( I followed a recipe however, I added a lot of my own changes- so we can call this mine)

For the chicken, I started out with the following: Shown here:

4 chicken half breasts, 1/4c flour, 4Tbsp Olive Oil, 4 Tbsp Butter, 1c Mushrooms (any kind you like) and 1/2c Marsala wine.

Start by placing the chicken breast between two pieces of  plastic wrap or waxed paper.
 Hit it with a meat mallet, or as I did, a heavy marble rolling pin until approx. 1/4" thick.

Cut each breast into smaller pieces. I find it is easier to cut after it is tenderized.
Also trim any excess fat off each breast.
In a shallow bowl, stir your favorite spices into flour. I love Emeril's Essense

But any Italian spice will work,Oregano, parsley, and garlic.

Dredge the chicken through the flour covering both sides thoroughly.

Over med heat, melt butter and heat oil. Add chicken one piece at a time.

Cook chicken for 2 min each side. until lightly brown.

Add the mushrooms around the chicken. I added some chopped green onions for color and taste.

Pour wine onto chicken and mushrooms.
Cover and simmer until cooked through about 10 min.

Transfer to a serving plate.

Pour 1/4c chicken stock into the pan and stir to 'clean' the pan of the bits. Simmer a little longer then pour sauce over chicken. Serve.

Great served with roasted vegetables -recipe to coming soon.


  1. This was my favorite dish growing up, but I've never been ready to try it on my own. Looks so yummy, maybe the time has come. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Daphne, you really should try it. It is delicious and really pretty easy. Thanks for the comment.
    I realize I need to get some more colorful plates!

  3. That sounds like a great recipe. And I LOVE the visuals.

  4. This looks great but do to the healthy things called vegetables my loving husband won't eat it.

  5. DH- thank you. It is a great tasting recipe. The pictures don't give it the justice it deserves. Keep coming back.
    BJ- So sorry to hear that your hubby wont eat his vegetables! I cook with them often, they add color and nutrience to a dish. the older I get the more I see the benefits. But I have always loved vegetables even as a kid!
    Keep coming back, I will post some recipes with less vegetables :)


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