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Saturday, November 14, 2009

My little star

My youngest wants to be the next Audrey Hepburn. She may just make it- If she works hard. Thing is she cant seem to get a speaking part in the plays.
Last night we attended her school's rendition of Shakespears Much Ado about Nothing. She was a towns person and also in a dance ensemble. But she LOVES it. She loves being a part of the group, part of the cast.

Drama students are a different breed of kids. They are what they are and dont care what others think. An although they may act totally crazy sometimes, do things like create sharpy (yes the brand of markers) masks and parade through the local mall. They are a lot of fun and a very talented group too.

Last nights performance was amazing. So much better than the past high school performances I have been to. Shakespeare plays- other than Julius Ceasar and Romeo and Juliet is pretty new to me. I have not seen many of his creations. It is a different language for sure. Old English with a twist.
But it was a great story of love and innocence.

Some of these kids were just at our house a few weeks ago in different costume- Halloween attire. Maybe one day I will see them in their own style. Maybe.

The crew has spent the past few weeks everyday at 6 am, everyday after school, and some Saturdays rehearsing, and building this incredible set. You would swear you were in Old England. Mr.Shelly, the drama teacher/coach put a lot of hard work into it and it paid off.

They took first place in most of their scenes at the National Shakespear festival this year.
Every scene, and my daughters Ensemble group took home a prize.
Way to go guys!

Great acting, great set.
If only I had not been so darn tired from work.....

But it was a great way to end the week....then I woke up to this!

The first snowfall of the year. It was early so the pictures are not very clear.
The dogs love the snow.. I suppose I would to if I could never take off my fur coat.

Welcome to November in the Rockies!


  1. Those sets and costumes are fantastic! Well done. I know what you mean about drama kids. I was a band geek. Marching band, jazz band, wind ensemble. I also played in the orchestra pit when our drama class did musicals - Princess and the Pea, and Camelot. Totally fun!!

  2. DH- thanks for the comments. I would hazard a guess that you were quite the geek in high school. As was I. And the older I get the more I realize we were the ones who were loving life and continue to do so.


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