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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

5 minutes of fame

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This is my aunts, (my mothers sister) dancing group. They are fun to watch. They range in age from forties to the oldest member who is in her 90's. 

They meet twice a week and practice and it keeps them young. They tried out foe America's got talent in LA this past January.

They didn't make it past the first round. The judges thought they were great. Sharon really liked their show. But Howie ended up giving them a no. 

Turns out they were a great act. Just not what would make a great Vegas style show. 

They danced at a New Jersey Basketball half-time show and had a great trip to New York.

My mom, and two more of the sisters went along making it a great get together with four of the five sisters. 

Maybe you will get to see them live in your city some day. I think they are great


  1. How fun! I loved the splits. Ladies are talented!!

  2. They are great! Gotta love Jean!


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