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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Time Summer Time Sum Sum Summer Time

In Utah nearly every week you can find a small town festival. Many of those small towns are no longer small. But the smaller the town, the more fun the festival.

Last year my daughter and I attended a rodeo in a very small local town. And had a great time.

The town we live in used to be a very small town. Although it is growing every day it has so far not lost its small town charm.
This week is our own town celebration. A celebration that started in the 1920's and continues much in the same way as the first celebration.

Have you heard of onion queens? Blueberry queens? Peach royalty? Our town has Strawberry days. And I would much prefer a festival of strawberries than onions or potatoes.

These days there is a traveling carnival, boutiques and some other more modern festivities. But there are many of the more historical activities as well. Rodeos, pie eating and baby contests, tours of historical buildings, a parade and outdoor concerts of some local bands.

The last of which occurred last night. It was perfect weather. We have had a lot of summer storms the past few days and it is just now clearing up. A beautiful backdrop of the purple mountains and blue skies was perfect. It lasted just one hour but was a nice break.
In tradition, one of the free benefits (besides the concert itself) is the free cup of strawberries and cream served up by the local lions club. Yum.
I would say the only annoyance was the amount of children under the age of 10 running wildly through the crowds.This community has a large child to parent ratio and a free concert is a great attraction. I love that children are exposed to cultural activities, but sure would be nice if some parents would remember that some people came to see the show not babysit their children so that they might. - stepping off soap box.

My older daughter works with some disabled adults and she and a coworker brought them out to enjoy the evening. They had a great time. Some actually knew the words to some of the Eagles and Little River Band tunes and sang along. And we got the others up on their feet to dance with us.

We received many horrible looks of disgust. The leers of some of the spectators made me a little uncomfortable for the girls. I don't understand why so many people were disgusted by disabled people and yet let their own children run amok knocking over chairs, tripping over people sitting on blankets and other smaller children in their path.

One is the victim of a stroke in her early twenties, another a car accident at age 18. These could easily be anyone of their children... It was heartbreaking.

I was a bit aggravated. But we all had a great time regardless.
My younger daughter danced along with her friends and we enjoyed the weather, the music and the evening.

Tonight is the rodeo. One of the largest in the state. Can't wait. More fun to come.
This week will be a busy one. I love Summertime.


  1. well that does suck about folks not getti the disabeld. Looks like it was fun.

  2. What a gorgeous setting! Looks like a fun time. Good for you for embracing all your surroundings has to offer

  3. Sounds like your summer is off to a great start! Sad to hear about some peoples reactions to the handicapped people you were with. Their loss to not be able to see and understand that all of us are people and enjoying life in the way we can. Blessings to you and your daughters!

  4. The mountain backdrop is absolutely stunning. Your daughter is so beautiful outside and inside to be open to help the disabled.

  5. I have been in your amazing state the past week for a conference and I was amazed by it. Being a Texas girl, it blew me away.

  6. I lived in Telluride for years and they had gorgeous scenery and lots of fun festivals to attend too. It was a fun environment.


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