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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why I blog-

People who do not blog or have never even read a blog don't understand fully the depth of a blog.

I began my blog a couple years ago to tell my story. It didn't matter if no one commented on it or even read it. It was MY place. A place where I could write out my feelings much like a journal and memories I would like to keep forever in print. It has become so much more.

Blogging is a social community. A place to read about and possible help others. Some who may be fighting the same fight as you. Other single parents making their way through life's struggles and joy. Others who understand the challenge of dating as a parent. Others who may be facing challenges in their lives that may or may not be similar to your own. Others who have much advice and happiness to share.

I have been able to empathize with so many others in this virtual world. Made virtual friends who I may or may not actually meet face to face some day but who I would like to.

It is like a virtual 'Friends' coffee shop. Friends meeting at Central Perk to discuss life's intricacies. Most times without repercussion. It is a feel good place to be.

But then there are times it hits you hard in the heart. And you realize it is so much more than virtual. It is real. You follow some through battles too large to overcome.
Such is the case for a man I have followed from the beginning. He was one of the first blogs I read.

A Single father of two beautiful and young kids. He began his most recent blog near the same time as I began mine and in his post, he was just undergoing a biopsy. Which turned out to be malignant. It all started from a tiny mole found on his ear.

The past two years, I have followed the ups and downs of his story. His fear of doctors news, his anguish awaiting test results. His time with his kids. His dating life. He has had such a positive outlook on life no matter the struggle.

Yesterday September 18, 2010 his struggle ended. His words bring tears to my eyes.
"I'm sorry, everyone. I did my best."  

If you didn't get a chance to know Depot dad You missed knowing a great and courageous man.

There is a sadness in the blogging world today. RIP Jim. Peace to you and your young children. 


  1. this was SOOOO sad! I did not know him..did not follow him..I wish I had! I so wish I had....

  2. Beautiful sentiments. I got to meet Jim in person, and he had a very warm spirit. He will be missed.


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