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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Evening wear

Thank goodness for a family that sews.
My mother worked in a sewing plant for 10+ years before returning to school when I, myself was in Jr high school. Piece rate work was tough but she was fast and made pretty good money. Easily sewing hundreds of pieces a day.

She taught my sister and I to sew long before we were old enough to take home ec. in school ourselves. I sewed an entire micro beach house closet full of fashion for Barbie and Ken. I sewed many of my own clothes and later sewed clothes and blankets for my own children.

Of my mothers four sisters,  three of them also worked in sewing plants. They are all great with a sewing machine. My mother is the oldest of the five girls. Three of the four of them still sew often. Elaborate Halloween costumes, darling summer capris, and darling outfits for the grand babies and great grand babies.

Luckily, My aunt Diane is recently retired. She was the one who created my wedding dress oh so many years ago...  And she was so sweet to help us out.

We purchased a pattern, some fabric and she created this fabulous dress for my daughters pageant.

Of course, I think my baby is gorgeous. And being a size 3 helps her a little. But Check her out!

The pageant is this Saturday and she has been working her tail off!

Up hours before school starts to practice for and rehearsals for an upcoming school play. A full day of senior year classes. Then two or three hours per evening of directing the rehearsals for her own profile project.

There have been obstacles for sure. Many who could not also handle the double performance/ rehearsal schedule have dropped from her cast. She has had conflicts with the schedule on the venue, and a friend standing in as her right hand man also dropped out.

But she is standing strong, she has not stressed about it. They will be holding a meeting today to see if they are able to still pull together a full cast and continue on. If not, she has plans in place to conduct a school talent show with the proceeds still submitted to her charity.

Wow! I could not be more proud. At eighteen I am not sure I would have the strength, initiative nor the willpower to pull of the play in the first place. But to rearrange and adapt so quickly and undeterred just amazes me.

The pageant will be held this Saturday. Just a mere four days from now.

Every weekend for her is filled with mock interviews, dance number practices, learning to walk like a pageant queen and practicing with her 'little miss'.

Each contestant was asked to find a small girl between the ages of four and ten who will be walking with her, and also performing in part of a dance number with her on stage. My daughter's little miss is a friend of her best friends, a petite four year old girl. Although she was born with down syndrome, she is one of the best performers in the show. She is so excited!

Every night this week my daughter has gone to bed early. She wakes up extra early to complete homework assignments then she is off for the day.

Through all of this (male readers who are squeamish may want to skip this bit) the stress has caused her period to get all out of whack. She has had a period on and off all through this crazy month.

Here is hoping that everything goes back to normal after this month.

I am hoping she wins the queen crown. She certainly deserves it for the effort if nothing else.

But no matter if she places or not, what a great experience and wow what an accomplishment!

Break a leg baby!--- well, you know what I mean.


  1. Well good for your daughter! And I'm with you on families who sew. (Believe it or not I taught one of my sons to sew when he was a little kid, and he found it pretty useful over the years!)

    I also come from a stitching family, though I never had the gift my mother did who made amazing clothing for herself, me, and for my dolls when I was a child. I always admired that talent and skill - you get the look you want, the satisfaction of making something yourself, and it saves a small fortune.

  2. Yes, My son and my daughters can all sew and use the skill often. Saved us a ton.


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