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Monday, March 28, 2011

It's not what you've got, it's what you use that makes a difference. Zig Ziglar

I am so proud of Rachel. She danced so well to the 'Dancing queen' number at the beginning of the pageant. She could not have done any better in the evening gown, talent, swim wear or interview question portions of the pageant. Absolutely beautiful at all times.

Dancing Queen- During the dance number, the girls danced down through the audience, and onto the stage with the current royalty. To the ABBA hit of the same name. They were later joined by their 'little miss' on stage. Rachel's little miss - Riley a girl with down syndrome had her own style of dance. She stole the show.
That is her in the front. 


Swim wear

And her Talent- A monologue from 'Greater Tuna'.

And the best of all! The evening wear
She won the interview portion which was held earlier that day. She won a small amount of money that we will probably put toward her education. Other than that, no awards went to my daughter and she could care less. She did it all for fun, she made new friends, had a wonderful experience and will be able to use many of the skills she has learned later on.
And now, next on the agenda! Finishing her play, graduation, and turning her mother into a sobbing mess at the thought of her youngest child growing up.


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  3. What a beautiful young lady!! Good for her for trying new things!!


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