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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter weekend is just not the same

Easter this year was a bit out of the ordinary.

My kids are older and so the Big bunny is not as magical as in times past.
My youngest daughter dyed some eggs, she is old enough to boil herself.

Meanwhile I cooked up a rather unorthodox Easter meal.

This year we roasted a stuffed turkey, in lieu of the usual spiral ham but stuck with our usual potato salad and roasted asparagus. My usual recipe for stuffing calls for a sage sausage. But because it is spring, and I had some spring vegetables available, I got a little creative.

I began with a loaf of herb coated French bread, cut into 1in cubes and left out overnight to dry. (Mine did not get quite dry so I finished the drying in a warm oven)

And the best part, added to the basic celery and onions, I added some shredded carrots and radishes. What a beautiful color it added to the stuffing. And the flavor was a delicious variation.

As a child, I remember camping over Easter weekend. Some years it was beautiful weather, the first real camping weekend of the season. Other years it was cold, rainy and sometimes even a skiff of snow on the ground.

This year, the winter weather is lingering. As I type this, there is snow falling out my window. Because most of my family was too far for a family get together, we had a rather relaxing day indoors this year. Just spending time with my two girls ( after they were off work).
The night rounded off with a spa night and we glittered our toes.

I miss the days of the Easter bunny, I miss chasing the eggs. I miss the cherub smiles of the tiny ones as they peer into their baskets and hunt for hidden eggs.

But the time I spend with my now grown children is a blessing in itself.

And one day, I will be a grandmother and get to play bunny once again..... but that is years away. Right?

What did you do for the Holiday weekend? 


  1. Hey, we did turkey too! I did my traditional dressing. We usually do asparagus but went with green beans. All in all, it turned out great!

  2. We seem to have missed it altogether - other than the fact that I bought a chocolate bunny for my "baby" (18) - who is anything but.

    I wonder if it isn't much harder on us, with our store of memories, to let them grow and fly the nest, including growing away from the traditions which, I suspect, they will come back to by choice - as adults.

  3. Michelle- welcome and thank you for the comment. turkey works out just fine right? Glad it was a great time.

    BLW- Yes it is hard to stop doing the job we have done so long. I only hope that my kids will carry on the traditions and I think they already have.
    Easter isnt Easter without the chocolate bunny :)


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