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Thursday, April 21, 2011

I won!

Do you ever enter sweepstakes? Do you dream of the people with the huge check knocking at your door? Do you fill out endless forms online hoping to win some freebies? 

I would not call myself an obsessive contester by any means but once in a while, I fill out a form and hope to win. And after many of those entries ending with a solicitation call or two, or ten I get more and more discouraged. 

The old adage, 'Nothing in life is free' comes to mind.

However! I am once again a believer. 

Last December, I was frequently chatting with old school chums, and family members on the social network facebook. There was one contest that caught my eye. Sears and their Blue Crew were holding a contest for the holidays.

Many of my friends had entered and there was just a simple click and then a short entry form required to enter. The contest would last 12 days. The twelve days of Appliances with a new appliance given away every day of the twelve.  Click.

The day after I filled out the form, I nearly deleted an email from Sears. Thinking it was junk mail sent out in droves after an entry. But good thing I read it. 

Congratulations you are the winner of day number two of our contest!

And what did I win? A brand new LG stove. 

Do you think no one ever wins those things? Do you think they are all a marketing ploy? I am living proof. 

There was a glitch in our communication and although I should have received it in February, I didn't receive it until a few weeks ago. But, it is mine, it was free (except for the governments share of course) and it is fabulous. 
It is stainless steel and all of my other appliances are white but it fits in just fine. 

I believe there will be an excess of cooking posts here in the coming weeks as I am trying out all of the features. I will be learning what convection really is. 

So the next time you think it is a waste of time to enter contests, at least think that once in a while, people really do win. 

And the icing on the cake was that my old stove, which was only about 6 years old was sent to my best friend. Her stove was barely in working order. Only a couple of the burners worked and the front glass had been shattered.
Pay it forward.

Cant wait to cook up some Easter dinner. Recipes to follow.

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