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Friday, August 29, 2008

Single Parent woes

Today is not a happy day. I have a feeling there are quite a few single parents who may be able to relate to that. I am a college graduate, I work a full-time job and make enough to pay the bills. Thing is, there are so many outlying factors that keep me from paying the bills, at least on time.
Every time I think I have my head above water, another unexpected issue crops up.
School fees (for PUBLIC school no less) racked up to nearly $500 for two teenagers. This number was not including any school supplies, (which came to nearly another $150 for just the required supplies) and did not include any new clothes, back packs, etc.
Luckily for me, they are allowing school fees to be divided out over the year if you cannot afford the lump sum. This leaves me a monthly charge of approximately $200 a month for school fees and school lunch for two.

ok ok enough about my financial woes, but this leads me to more thoughts about single parents these days. Both Fathers and Mothers, day to day facing not just financial challenges, but also struggling to provide a safe and secure household for their children.

I am one of those parents who has my children (now teens) 24/7. It can be so rewarding and a challenge at the same time. I love that my girls are getting a chance to date a few boys in their high school years. I was a shy teen and didn't date as much as I would have liked. I married way to young at the age of 18 (which my son has already surpassed and my daughter is very close to now, and it absolutely boggles my mind to think of how young that now seems) and want so much more for my girls. But dating comes with challenges both for the kids and for a single parent. It is scary when my girls speak of having found the love of their lives and they are so young. And yet, as I have lived that, I can understand the feelings that they are fighting too.

I love being a parent and am so glad that I am young enough to experience with them and to also have such an open relationship with my kids that I feel they can come to me. I hope they can. I am lucky to have the kids that I do, but it is not without challenge. Just 2 more years of raising teens. Not that I am rushing it at all. I love my life. And them.

A word or two about my son. He is in (EOD) training for the US Army in Alabama. I have not been able to speak with him since he arrived in Alabama on Aug 22. The day before his 19th birthday. I miss him terribly. Cant wait for another call from him.

It is not easy raising kids on your own, but it is not any easier letting them go.

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