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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Guess who took first place?

I am feeling a bit of a snob after my previous posting. And at risk of coming across as a braggart once again, I would like to brag about my girls.

My older daughter just returned from a competition in southern California with her school A Capella Choral group. Where, might I add, they took first place in their division. WAY to Go baby!

The year end concert was held last night and it was a slim group. It turns out, there is a virus going around Southern Calif. right now and most of the group caught it. Luckily my daughter came out unscathed.

Today I am once again a proud mama.


  1. That's both of your girls in the photo? Gorgeous!! The one in the choir robe looks just like you, especially with that picture being positioned right next to your profile picture.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love meeting other single mom bloggers.

    Do you have a Twitter account? I know plenty of other single moms, most of them working at home, that you might like to meet!

  2. Congratulations! That's awesome. I love music. And I think the high school years are fabulous. Especially now that I see my daughter going through high school, growing and changing. I appreciate how awesome those years really are.

  3. April- Thank you. yes those are my babies. I hear it a lot how much my older one looks like me. The younger one hates to hear it, she actually has some of my features too. I will keep reading your blog- I too love hearing from other single mothers and bloggers both. I do have a twitter account but I am not sure I have completely figured it out yet- i am 'notasoccermom' on twitter. I would love to meet them.

    DAD- thank you too. Yes my girls have some musical talent- I love music and we all love to sing, like this weekend when we took a road trip to see my parents and cranked up the tunes to sing along, makes the trip go so much faster.
    sweet dad you are to your daughter. they really are awesome years!


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