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Friday, March 6, 2009

Mom and son time

Things are settling back into what has become the norm since losing my job at the beginning of February. Even though it will be a bit chilly today with a chance of snow showers this evening, I can hear the birds chirping as I write this, as a metaphor of change and new beginnings for me.

Yesterday was a nice mom-and-son day as we spent the morning getting his car (which has been sitting stagnant in the driveway for about six months while he has been gone, running and to the shop for some work. I do not now anything about cars. My father, knows a little bit such as replacing lights or changing plugs... but we are not a mechanical family. So after rolling my sons standard transmission vehicle to the curb at the foot of our steep driveway, we attempted to give a jump to his dead battery. One obstacle was being that one repair he needed was a faulty emergency brake. This put is in a predicament. Not only is my driveway sloped down toward the street, a very busy street, but also the street is inclined. While I attached the clamps to the battery poles, my son, with his size 13 feet, was attempting to keep a foot on the clutch, while teetering the other foot over the brake and the gas pedal. To add insult.. his car was purchased used and the previous owner, for unknown reasons, created a push-button start. My sons hands were busy turning the key, and pressing the button as his feet did the shuffle...
I know all of this because during our many attempts to start the car, I took my turn behind the wheel.
We rolled it out onto the street in front of our house, and tried again... and again..
As the mechanics shop is just down our street a few blocks, we decided to tow the car. I was terrified as I have been towed, but never have I towed, nor have I ever been the one to tie the rope and thus responsible for its potential failure which could result in his car careening into the dentists office down the street. But, I chickened out.
I called my friend who did grow up with a mechanically inclined family and asked her advice.. while she and I were talking, she suggested that I wiggle the spark plug wires.. and some other bits of advice.. then she and I got a little bit off-topic as we are known to do.
While we were talking, my son tried to turn the engine over a few more times, and it started!
We got it to the shop, the estimate was very low and the mechanic is fixing it now. I will definitely be returning to his shop the next time my car needs work done.
My son and I also spend the day figuring his taxes, and his budget now that he will be full-time army and his training is completed. He has been frivolously spending on (DVDs and video games) in the past six months while in training and that needs to change.
It is a crazy feeling that all of my kids had to pay taxes this year! I cant be that old! I didn't have a job when I was their age and it is hard for me to digest. But it doesn't mean I am not proud and it sure helps me when they can pay for some of their own extracurricular activities on their own.
My oldest daughter will be leaving next week for a trip to Disneyland with the high school chorus group. This is the second year they have competed. The trip cost $670.00 and it has been a struggle with my employment situation.
While her father was in town, she asked if he could help, and he did. $40. I suppose I shouldn't complain, not only is it something, but given his track record, it is more than we expected.
I'm so glad she gets to go.


  1. Car troubles are never fun. We're having some with my daughter's truck. That's great that you found a good mechanic. Keep him!

  2. yes he has turned out to be great, which is good because my check engine light just came on. Hope your daughters repairs dont put you into the poor house


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