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Thursday, February 11, 2010

High school drama

My baby has been in many plays over the past few years. She hopes to own her own theater some day. Her personality fits the part, since she was very young she has been known to live life large. She has had some dramatic moments. When we disagree or when she gets into trouble she can get quite loud and over the top.

Friends of hers also have BIG personalities. Sometimes it is a bit much when we have them all in one room.

But nothing is worse than a disagreement between drama queens. Recently events caused my daughter and her best friend to distance themselves from each other. As often happens between teenagers, they had a fight and are now no longer friends. But it is different with drama students. Some drama students.

Thing is, the other girl just cant let it be at that. She is a bit of a spoiled girl. If she wants it, she gets it. If she 'doesn't feel like going in to school', she doesn't. She has a group of kids who follow her.

They will do anything she says or does. She is popular. Thing is- she is popular because she emits so much self love. There is something to be said for self confidence. In the teen years you either have it in abundance, or you lack the very essence of it. I was of the latter.

I have worked very hard to make sure that my girls had the self confidence that I lacked in my teen years. While following the fine line that they were not conceded. The thought that people somehow think that they are worthy of princess treatment merely because they are, because they exist, no matter how they treat others is a real pet peeve with me. This particular girl would walk on the back of anyone who would lie over a puddle for her passing.

I was a bit relieved at the thought of my daughter wising up to her behavior and moving on to some better friendships. Until I discovered the catty ways she has been acting. My daughter is a smart girl, and ignored the childish games. Stealing friends to HER side. Moving in on the lunch table my daughter frequented just to say there was no room... spreading rumors about mutual friends and claiming my daughter said them. Silly girl stuff. Immature stuff. But it is beginning to get under my daughters skin. She is losing sleep over it all.

 This post may come across as an overprotective mother, at the very least. Of course I want to protect my daughter, but I am not. She is handling the drama the best she can and I am so proud of her. But enough is enough.

I know exactly how she feels and looking back, I can tell her that it all changes after school. That popular kids have those years to reflect on but for some, those are the best days they will see. There wouldn't be films like Carrie or all those Lindsay Lohan teen movies if there was no such thing as teen girl cattiness. But when it is one of your own... it hurts.

I want to run to this girl, to her parents, to the school administrators and shake them all and tell them that this has to stop. But I know better. I want to give my daughter the best advice and hugs and bake cookies together and love it away. I know I cannot do that either.

This too shall pass but sometimes the hardest part of being a mother is to just take a step back and let things run their course.

I know the pain she is feeling and I want to take that away.

For now, I can just love her and support her. And we could both use a vacation!


  1. I am so effing terrified of the PITs teen years because I was such an obnoxious fu*k.
    I only hope that I can keep my cool as you have. Hmmm....I better up my meds NOW ;)

  2. SM_cc- I am sure you will do fine- Sometimes you need to lose your cool. - a little


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