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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Sunday

When my children were young, and money was very tight we found many ways to spend quality time together without spending a lot of money. Sometimes holidays most people don't really celebrate, or holidays that get no more than a glance on the calender can turn into a fun family time theme.

I don't usually watch any televised sporting events. I love to attend events in person when possible but watching on the small screen holds no interest for me.

But once a year, for the past ten years or so, the Super bowl has become a real event with my kids and I and many great memories have been made.

Because the kids were pretty young when we first began with our tradition, one of the ways to both make it fun and to help them follow and learn a little about the game was a game we called Super Bowl bingo.
I would create bingo cards using football terms and sponsor ad terms. As the commercials have become as big as the game itself.
For example: If there was a yellow flag penalty, a bean ( and later m&m's) was placed onto the square that said yellow flag, and similarly with touchdowns, interceptions, and replays. Sponsor terms may be such things as a dog in a commercial, or a horse (as Budweiser is often the sponsor).
I would usually fill a paper bag with some fun things. I would not usually spend more than ten or twenty dollars. It was fun to find inexpensive things that the kids loved but would usually never get. Silly putty, bouncy balls, chocolate bars or silly string.
Each time a bingo was called, a prize was pulled blindly from the surprise bag.
We would eat a good dinner and then really pig out on all the real bad chips, dips and candy.
It was always so much fun, the kids would tell all of their friends the next day. Sometimes a friend or two would come to the party and leave thanking for the invite.
Sometimes the most simple things are the most enjoyed, spoken about and remembered.

Now that my kids are grown, they still ask what we are doing for the super bowl, THEY create bingo cards and they help me create great food a little more healthy and creative.
This year, the girls invited boys over.
It was a lot of laughs and a lot of great food.

I did a lot of cooking...
Buffalo chicken sandwiches
Roasted roma tomatoes with Ricotta
Sausage stuffed mushrooms
Cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped jalapenos
Orange chicken wings

And the boys got some girly prizes

But I had a lot of help with the clean up.

I am so glad the kids still love time together. I am happy to have made great memories and traditions that they hope to continue.

What a great Sunny-Day


  1. The bingo cards sound fun! We had a great time watching the superbowl this year. We had a few pools with different prizes, and that made every play interesting. We didn't really care who won the game, but we very much cared who would get that chocolate bar or the big bottle of coke!

  2. yes DH- exactly-I was really rooting for the saints to make it their first Superbowl and wow what a game!
    But you are right. The prizes are the best part. We also run a score card for each quarter- and usually that was a money prize, however money to teens is a lot more than money to little ones. So it was for prizes too. Sounds like you had as much fun as we did.

  3. what a great day!!!! and I love the idea of the bingo cards! I will admit we did not even turn on the game..BUT you have made me rethink this for next year!! Glad it went so well!!

  4. Yes Debbie you should, you could really do it with any show that you know a bit about the contents... but the game was fun.


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