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Friday, April 30, 2010

Hoorah!!! Good news is abundant!

Not only has my son been home for a week and will be another week.

But I gt some more good news this week:

Remember this story? Remember when I felt violated, and scared and exposed?

THIS IS NOT ME! (Please say you don't think we look alike)

Well there is good news! The first of the good news was in February of this year when they arrested the suspect who was using my identity on a separate charge, she was booked into the county jail and made bail almost immediately. I didn't understand the system ( and still do not) but although they found three large Manila envelopes filled with victims Identification, canceled checks and bank statements, they could not file the charges against her. At least I had my ID back and she could not hurt me anymore.

The next bit of great news came last week with this news story: The feds had enough evidence to arrest her and bring Federal charges. This was great news. You will notice that in this particular 'mug shot' she has the same bad hair coloring I had the time my drivers license picture was taken. She was a chameleon she was trying to be me. And getting away with it.

And now? Yesterday morning she was arrested. She had dyed her hair a gawd-awful blond, and was hiding out in a hotel room. I think she was a little scared. Not that you can tell from the sicknick smirk on her face in the Mug shot #2.

I really hope she does some hard time. You just never know with the system and the overcrowded prisons. But maybe there will be some justice. I am not 100% sure that it is my case, my evidence that they have on her, I have kept meticulous records and have contacted the D.A.'s office in order to bring the charges of my case into the file if they are not already.

I don't wish this heartburn on anyone else.

Even more scary? We share the same last name. ( well, her and my ex may be related....haha)

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