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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Easy like a Sunday Morning

Taking it easy this Sunday reading the paper, blogs, sipping coffee and resting.

This past week I have had a hard time concentrating. I have had a sharp pain in my lower back. It is not a constant pain. More of a sharp stabbing pain when I move in a certain position. But not the same position. This makes it difficult to diagnose and find a remedy for.

I rarely have pain such as this and find it difficult to relieve. How do you know whether to 'work it out' or 'sit it out'? Do I use Ice? or Heat? or both?

This recent pain was not caused by an event. I didn't strain it or overwork it in any way- that I could recall.

I have tried it all. Ice, Heat, Exercise, Stretching, Resting and anti-inflammatory's and mild pain killers. So far, nothing has helped.

It is not a constant pain. I have been able to take long walks, play tennis, stretch and exercise with no pain at all. However, sitting and then standing again can take my breath away with pain.

It could be that I have a nerve pinching between vertebra...

The worse part is I have no insurance and a real tight budget due to my continued unemployment.
I will wait it out and continue to exercise, ice, heat and rest.

I have enjoyed the time with my girls on long quiet walks in she sunshine and some time on the tennis court.

Here is a bit of my childhood I relived through one of our walks to the tennis courts. Hollyhock Dolls:

This is a hollyhock plant. Here in Utah it is often pulled out with the weeds. Not many here see it for its beauty.

It grows well in arid soil and needs little to no tending.
When I was a young girl they grew all along our fence line in our back yard. They don't have much of a scent but the deep rich colors range from white to the deepest reds and purples.

Here is a little easy craft if you have little girls:

Using one blossom and one un-bloomed bud,

Simply insert a toothpick between the two through the stem center.

The bloom makes the full skirt and the bud becomes the head.

Underneath the skirt is enough pick for a 'puppet handle'.

Simple fun


  1. Hope you get your back problem worked out!

  2. Have you read Carolyn Myss's book, Anatomy of the Spirit? Whenever I hear someone getting a pain for no physically-based reason, I think of that book and wonder what emotional or spiritual dis-ease is in their life. The lower back is near the root chakra, which has to do with family and the "tribe". Check out the book sometime. Maybe there's something there.

    Meanwhile, I'd put heat on a back, and take some motrin. Hope you're better soon

  3. Thank you both. Today is the best day so far, as far as the pain.
    DH- I love books like that I will definitely check it out.


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