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Monday, August 2, 2010

Welcome home son.

My son is on an airplane right now. He is headed home. It comes as such a relief to me.

He left last year, just before his twentieth birthday across the world to the hot deserts of Iraq.

This month he will turn 21. A true Adult. And he will be on US soil.

I wont get to see him, and hold him, and thank him and congratulate him as he will be still three states away.

But he will be safe. He will once again be under the safety of Uncle Sam's embrace. That safety that he has been fighting for.

If you see a soldier today. Thank him.

If his name badge says Green hug him.


  1. Thank-you for all of your sleepless nights where you mind ran on with worry. Thank-you for your sons service! I am happy for all of your family for his safe return.

  2. I am so glad he is back so you can hug him much longer. Thank you so much for raising such wonderful boy (still for a few more days) and tell the man that comes back THANK YOU !!!

  3. Hoooray!! SO happy he is back on US soil and a very happy birthday to him!

    Also, happy giving birth day to you mum ;)

  4. Welcome home to your son! Thank him for me.


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