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Saturday, August 28, 2010

More small town fun

Last night my daughters, I and my daughters friend headed into the next county for a county fair. It was a little over two hour drive through the mountain canyon to get there but so worth it. It was a beautiful drive too.

We've made this same route every November to spend thanksgiving at my aunts house for the past ten years.  After stopping for a quick hello, hugs and grabbing the tickets they were nice enough to reserve for us, we headed another half hour south.

If you have never been to a small county fair, you are really missing out on some fun.
We hit the carnival first- but it was horrible overpriced.  I loved watching the little children on the brightly colored  rides against the natural hues of the open range background.
I think we stood out like a sore thumb though. Everyone knew everyone else... we were 'strangers in this town'.

We also took the time to walk through the exhibits and livestock. I love the babies.
My youngest loves pigs and wants one of her own... hmm coincidence to her skills with chores?
Just kidding baby- I love you.

We grabbed some fair grub then settled in for the main event. The reason for our drive.
If you have ever owned a POS car. A car that seemed as thought it was made of a bucket of bolts and nothing more, this event is for you.

A Demolition Derby.

If you don't know what that is, teams of mechanics and hobbyists create cars out of old junk car finds and beef them up with roll-bars,  paint, extra power and some personal touch. Then they crash them into each other until they no longer run.

If a car stalls, gets stuck in the mud, or hung up on another car, they have a limited amount of time to 'make a hit' before they are disqualified. Last car running/ hitting wins.
It really is a treat. So much more fun than it sounds.
The pictures say it all.
The view was outstanding as one of the oldest and most beautiful of the Mormon temples was just across the street.
Some menacing clouds threatened to make the night a little bit more moist, but moved on and didn't drop a bit of precipitation on our fun.
As the clouds parted, a 'flock' of ten bald eagles made their presence in the distance.
And who would have thought we would see this guy? In a small town in rural Utah? Just two seats in front of us.
No... it is not really Matt Damon. But wow he could win a contest couldn't he?

We got home in the wee hours of this morning... calling to report a drunk driver on our way. But it was a lot of fun to help round off the end of summer.


  1. I live in one of those towns..with one of those fairs...and a demolition derby to boot!!! Highlight of the year!!!:) looks like you had a great time!

  2. Debbie, We live in a mid-sized and getting larger town. I love to go to the towns that are still small. I would love to live in a small town like that but there are draw backs to the 'everybody knows everybody' I suppose. It was a great time thanks.

  3. How fun! So colorful. I'm loving the clouds, too. We don't get clouds like that in the Bay Area.

    How do you know that's not Matt Damon. Sure looks like him!

  4. DH- The clouds here can be mesmerizing. You are right! Stars probably hide out in small towns like that all the time.. doh


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