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Monday, October 11, 2010

Absence from those we love is self from self - a deadly banishment. William Shakespeare

What a great weekend!

We headed south for a four day weekend to watch my youngest perform in the annual Utah Shakespearean Festival.

She rode down with the school Thursday morning and we drove to my parents just one hour south of where she would be performing.

We spent some time with my parents for two days while she attended workshops and then on Saturday we drove up to watch her perform. After her performance, they had a few hours of free-time. We drove up into cedar canyon to decompress at Navajo Lake. It was the perfect time of year and the perfect time of day. Absolutely gorgeous.

We then left her there for the rest of her workshops and encore performances,  and returned to my parents house. Later that night I returned to pick her up following their awards ceremony. Their ensemble group took second place and her school took first place over all. Way to go Vikings!!! It was a lot of fun. The scenes  were great.

The rest of the weekend was fun and filled with activity. We could not have asked for better weather, DesCartes fit right in with us all and we laughed and just played all weekend.

We even took the time to create a small celebration at precisely 10-10-10 10:10am. Just because we felt like it. It is life's little celebrations that makes it lively and fun.

I hated saying goodbye to my parents. It is always hard but we will see them again soon.

On our way home, we stopped so that my kids could see my ex's family. My ex (the father of my children) lives in Alaska and is not a large part of my children's lives. However, rarely do you divorce the 'family'. It is important to me that my children have the chance to know both sides of their family and heritage.

They had not seen each other in a while and it was nice to let them stop to chat for a while. My ex's mother was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis about six years ago and her health has deteriorated at an accelerated rate since then. I find it sad that my ex has lost his relationship with his mother especially in her condition but find it to be in their best interest to ensure that it does not happen with my own kids.

We arrived home late last night, missing everyone terribly but it was nice to sleep in our own beds.

Back to the old grind.


  1. Which play did they do??? Shakespeare rocks.

  2. Just a scene. From Richard III. I am becoming a fan myself.

  3. Wow... You are such an amazing Mother.... It is so wonderful to finally see parents that see their children as most important and still needing the family that you wish you no longer where a part of. I too often see parents that are so self absorbed that they could care less about their kids feelings and needs... BTW your daughter is so Beautiful and Talented

  4. Hey, I was just wondering if you possible knew the play/poem/sonnet that the "Absence from those we love is self from self - a deadly banishment" quote is from!! I love it but I am having a hard time trying to fine out where its from! Just wondering if you could help! Thanks! :)

  5. Anashakhan- I do not believe it is actually from any of his works, just a quote that he once spoke.
    And it was recorded.


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