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Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Halloween Cruise

Yesterday was a rainy Saturday here but warm for late October. The morning was slow and lazy as we snuggled in watching movies waiting for my older daughter to get off work.
Then we got busy carving the pumpkins for the porch.
A messy and terrific way to spend a rainy afternoon. 

The oven warmed the kitchen as we roasted the seeds.

We also found out that our lab loves pumpkin as he snagged a huge chunk carved from my own and ran out the dog door to inhale it. Strange dog. His favorite things- although we rarely feed him scraps, are cauliflower, raw or cooked, and now pumpkin.
Although it has been unusually warm this autumn, it has been great to get out and see the wonderful fall colors in almost perfect temperatures.
We managed to get the yard decorations out for Halloween which also has not happened for a while. 
But yesterday the rains set in and the land is wet. 

But the temps are still not too cool yet. 

At the beginning of October we got a great deal on some tickets to a Halloween cruise on the Provo river. 
We have been on their Christmas cruise at this particular site and it was great. Similar to a sleigh ride all visitors snuggle with a heavy blanket across their laps as the slow pontoons glide over the river under the overhanging trees. The branches hang low over the river their bright Christmas lights reflecting off the water. Animated characters along the riverbanks also glow with strings of tiny lights of red, green and white.

Great family Christmas memories are made there while singing carols along the otherwise silent river.

So- this year we decided to try the Halloween cruise. Spooks and headless figures hanging from the branches while spooky sounds and Monster mash rang from the speakers were what I was expecting. But we were a bit disappointed at the lack of decor.
 A few strings of Halloween part lights shaped as candy corn, pumpkins and skulls. Two 'pirates' telling horrible pirate themes jokes and a very silly sword fight with one of them ending up in the frigid drink. And a host/ boat captain who forgot his lines, was not very personable and couldn't manage the simple CD player which played a Halloween poem for the crowd. Not really well planned or captivating.

However, it was a great night. The weather was almost perfect considering the rainy afternoon preceding the evening. It was time spent with my kids. And floating along the river, although a mite bit boring, was still really relaxing and brought us into the beauty of nature once again. 

The moon was near full and the sky hauntingly dark. 

We stopped for some hot chocolate and snacks then headed for home. 

Happy haunting everyone, hope your October is frighteningly perfect.


  1. Sounds like a neat trip! You might want to share your suggestions with them so next year will improve on atmosphere ;)
    It seems so odd for me to not be there this time of year as for the past 5 I have been.
    I'll be thinking of you all & we have to get together this coming summer! Me & my whole family will be visiting so if there are any "cruises" you need to keep me posted :)
    Love ya,

  2. Sounds fun! I love roasted pumpkin seeds. And my son loves digging them out of the pumpkin, so it's a big win win. Happy Halloween Week!

  3. Dar- I miss you. Would love to see you next summer. Call me as soon as you know you are coming to the states.

    SH- It was a little fun. Still eating the seeds. C'mon, get a little dirty with the son.


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