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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't like the weather? Wait an hour.

That is a common saying here in Utah. The weather is known to change in an instant. You can be in shorts in the morning and a winter coat by afternoon. And then possibly back into shorts as the sun comes out and melts off the snow. A fickle woman Mother Nature is.

But mother nature never ceases to make for some beautiful sights.

This is what I awoke to this morning. That large white lump is our large Halloween spider. But according to the reports this should all be gone by the weekend for the kiddos and their neighborhood treks.

Happy Halloween!

Update: And true to form just a few hours later

Snow is gone. But my poor spider web fell hard to the short storm.
Going to have to reconstruct. (Please disregard fallen leaves I have yet to rake)


  1. That looks lovely, we wont have any snow for weeks yet.

  2. Dang snow...I guess I should live where it doesn't snow. I wish it would stay in the mountains, but that's just me.

  3. It's already snowing there? Crazy! but beautiful

  4. Sheri- I know. I like to look at it but don't want to drive in it. Welcome to my blog :)

    DH- Yeah crazy weather here. Sometimes snow comes early and sometimes not until December.. it is gone now and warmer already- temporarily

  5. Wow... I thought it was fickle here but we will most likely not see snow for a long time... snow on halloween never in my life... maybe once?


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