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Friday, May 27, 2011

I have so many things to write about and no words seem right to put it here.
Busy times with my youngest graduating next week and preparing for college in another town. A town over 300 miles from home.
I am still on the employment hunt myself and things are getting even more tense.

It will be a nice break to have family in town for the graduation and not think about anything but celebration for a few days.
My daughter has done a complete U-turn on the attitude and even apologized for the outbursts. I understand what she is going through. Eighteen is a crazy age. So many expectations and yet so many limitations at the same time. Grow up! You are not as grown up as you think you are!

But she is making a mother proud. She is such a strong, independent girl with a lot of goals to fill.
And she is on top of it all. Thus, the stress levels are at their peak.

What was once her favorite teacher has let her down in such a way and with such enormity that it just may stay with her for life. I certainly hope that this brings with it good lessons rather than wounds that wont heal. Some people just should not be teachers.

But we are preparing for the festivities of the upcoming graduation, and hoping the weather warms long enough to enjoy the memorial weekend so that we may visit the graves of those who have passed, try to visit those we always say we would like to see, and then to spend time with family we don;t see near enough.

If you are in the United States, I wish you a great (and safe) memorial day weekend. If you are not, I wish you a great weekend nonetheless.


  1. first...congrats on your daughters up coming graduation! What an exciting..yet, slightly sad, time!!!!:) and second- that is SO sad about the teacher! Not sure what happened but your words made my heat cry for your daughter!!!!

  2. Thank you Debbie. I am just glad that yesterday was the last she will have to see him. Bittersweet times indeed

  3. Bittersweet it is... And 18 IS a crazy age! (You have a good weekend, too.)


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