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Friday, September 23, 2011

Decisions- Decisions.

As I have mentioned before, the job interview process really sucks. Selling yourself, making those words on paper come to life with confidence and self assurance. Especially when with each day and with each rejection letter- or lack there of- causes your self esteem to diminish that much more.
And here I sit today, some good news- a miracle of sorts. Two jobs for which I have been called back for second interviews, passed the test so far. And once again, trying hard not to get too overly excited, not to jump to assumptions.

And yet, another sleepless night.


The two potential job offers, are very different roles, very different industries. 

I can see myself in both roles. I can see the possibility of advancement in both. One of the most frustrating things I have faced in the job hunt is that the salary and company benefits seem to be a secret, seem hidden until the actual offer of employment is offered. Benefits are also held captive from the interviewee.

This makes it so difficult to make decisions. It is also difficult when interviewing for two positions at the same time. If I am offered a job today (on my second in-person interview and plant tour) and I have yet to hear back from the other job (next week) what will I say? 

I am in a bit of a limbo.. afraid to make too rash of a decision on a job which I hope to hold me through retirement. Afraid also to put on hold in order to weigh the advantages of the second choice. I don't want to burn any bridges- especially considering the job market and job security issues in this recession.

Today I may have to make this decision. 
I try to go with my gut feeling as some have suggested, thing is my gut is giving no signs.

Don't get me wrong, I am so relieved to HAVE any offers. But more than one makes it that more difficult.


  1. In my experience it would be unusual for an employer to expect you to provide a yes / no right there, on a second interview and without time to think, discuss, etc. And, they will want to background check, reference check, etc.

    Hopefully you will have two choices (wouldn't that be great?) - and the ability to let them know you will let them know in a few days.

    (Keeping my fingers crossed for you.)

  2. Thank you BLW. I have completed the paperwork for the background checks and I am pretty sure the reference checks are complete. So far, they will both be contacting me next week. I am still awaiting some information and will have this weekend and possibly some of next week to toss the choices around. I do hope that it all works out for the best. I am excited, relieved and still a bit on edge and nervous but sure beats the past 15 months.
    Thank you once again for the support


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