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Saturday, September 3, 2011

I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party. Ron White

There is something about Ron White, his comedy is brash and offensive, probably and alcoholic and just plain funny. If I am feeling down, a skit or two of his and I am in stitches.

I felt that a quote of his was perfect to get this holiday weekend started and as an opener for a recipe I created last night after a game of what I like to call pantry bingo.

Those who have seen Ron's comedy might be expecting 'Tater Salad' one of my specialties however not on the menu tonight.

I suppose if I had to give this dish a name, I would have to call it

Lemon Chicken
What you will need:
           1                 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
           1/4 c           White Flour
           1/2 c           White wine
           1 Tbs          Garlic (minced)
           1/4              Medium white onion (chopped)
           1 Tbs          Real Butter
           1/2 c           Milk
           1                 Lemon (or 2-3 Tbs of lemon juice)
           1 c              Fresh mushrooms sliced
           1 Tbs          Parsley (chopped)
           4 servngs    Pasta (cooked al dente)
                             Salt and pepper (to taste)

Heat skillet on med heat with a bit of olive oil and teaspoon of butter. Cut breast in half horizontally and then in half again (top to bottom) creating four thin sections. 
If pieces are thick, they may be flattened with a meat mallet or heavy rolling pin.
Salt and pepper each side of piece liberally, then dredge through flour until coated. Place in hot oiled pan. Cook each side just long enough for a light brown color. Remove chicken from pan.
Add remaining butter, garlic, and onion to the pan. when onions begin to caramelize, add mushrooms. Cook a few minutes longer then add the wine. Turn heat up slightly and bring to a boil. Add juice from the lemon, then the milk. (Milk will begin to curdle slightly from the juice, use a whisk to mix well)
add parsley and place chicken back into pan.
Reduce heat and let simmer about Ten minutes.

Serve warm over pasta.

I am not sure that this is an original recipe, However, I did not use one. I also did not get any in process photos as I was unsure of the result. 

But it turned out wonderful and even better day two. 

Have a fabulous and safe holiday weekend. May this Labor day bring some new employment opportunities to those of us searching. 


  1. Love the quote - and the chicken sounds delicious.

  2. Thank you for the visit and the comment Hausfrau. It was delicious

  3. Vodka and lemon chicken. You've got my vote.


  4. looks really yummy! Hope your holiday is wonderful!

  5. Love this needed this morning!

    This is obviously very belated (just found your blog) but I hope you had a great Labor Day. :)

  6. Thanks for the visit and the comment ftft.
    Hope to see you here again. Ron White can make your day


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