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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm still here.

I have not been blogging for a while, I apologise, things are busy at work, money is tight, wondering how to make it through Christmas and well, been kinda lazy too.

I have started a couple of posts, one of them was in reference to the comment I made about Dred Scott. The girls and I were lucky enough to work out a trip across the country to pick up my son from his basic training the summer of 2007 and among the sites that we saw on the trip was an exhibit at the courthouse in St Louis, MO. At the base of the Arch in St. Louis just a block from the cardinals stadium stands the 'old courthouse' where the trials of Dred Scott were held. Dred Scott, (which I didn't know until this trip) was the first black American slave to sue the national courts for his freedom. Even though he was awarded his freedom, he passed away before that verdict was reached. I am a history buff, and it was all fascinating to me. I would still like to complete that post as I would like to preserve some of the memories of the trip. But that is for another day.

I also had many thoughts of blogging about finances, and how it can take the seasonal spirit right out of you.. however isn't it funny how things just always work out? And you have spent all that time worrying? It is crazy- most of my life after the divorce, I have been on a tight budget and many times found myself in a spot where I could not see a way out. And yet, things work out.
Someone must be watching out for me. Last Christmas, I was in such a tight spot that I didn't think I could pay my house payment, let alone buy any Christmas for my kids. They are such great kids, and they help me out so much, always so understanding. They actually said, 'don't worry about it mom, you don't need to get us anything. Its OK' Oh My! what kids say that? What teenagers say that? It just makes you all the more want to give them everything and more.
Everything worked out as it always does. A group of people that a friend knows got together and took up a collection and helped out. I was a little bit embarrassed. Being a single mother, I strive to be all I can be to them. I don't like to take handouts or favors, I feel an overwhelming need to do it all myself. But, I know that sometimes we all need a leg up... and I am grateful. and humbled from the help I received. I could never find the right words to tell them thank you and mean it as strongly as their help has meant to me.
This year, I am better, not all better, I will still have to do a lot of bargain shopping and really budget, but Christmas is more about the people and the family and the time together than the presents anyway. It sounds cliche' to say but we are such a tight knit family, it is true in our case. With my parents being 300 miles away this year, and my sister being in Wyoming, this year more than ever will be about catching up.

I don't blog much about work, I know there can be fine lines drawn between work and personal. Yesterday two fellow employees (and friends) were let go. I don't know a lot of the details but considering we are a small company of about 30 employees, that makes your heart stop. I am no longer living paycheck to paycheck but have yet to replenish my savings. Makes things a little bit unnerving. So pray for us.

And last- I have been cooking up a storm with comfort foods since we have been having more and more fall weather. I have taken photos with the intentions of blogging.. and I will post them soon. One in particular, I made last night, a wonderful soup. I got the recipe from a good friend. but considering it is his 'secret recipe' thought i better get his approval before sharing with the world. I'll keep you posted.

And I promise to do my best to keep up on this blog....

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