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Friday, November 14, 2008

Interesting play

Last night, It was chilly here in town. It was the first night in a long time that neither of my daughters had to work. We have had a netflix movie that we have been trying to find time to watch for over a week now, so as I was driving home I was thinking tonight is the night. Figured I could whip up a quick soup and some bread, and settle in for a good flick.
That was short lived however, My oldest daughter wanted some extra Christmas spending cash so she had agreed to work a shift for someone else. My younger daughter, had some homework to catch up on and reminded me that she was planning on attending a play at the high school that night. This particular play I had forgotten about as she had not even auditioned for it, and I hate to say it, but if it doesn't apply to my kid... I'm just not as likely to remember them. But, she is in stage crew this year and so she had labored an entire Saturday (8am through 5 pm, then an entire shift to closing that night) a few weeks ago, building the set for this particular play and a lot of her friends were starring in it.
She asked if I would like to go with her to see the play and my first instinct was to say no, and climb into my ugly sweats and curl up on the couch...but, I love love love time with my girls, especially one-on-one time, and I wanted to support her and her love of theatre. So, we went.
Turns out, I am glad I went. i had never heard of a play (or movie or book for that matter) with the title 'Inherit the wind'. It was quite a controversial subject matter for the year of 1955 when it was first shown in theatre, however, I think it still resonates in today's culture too.
The story is fictional, however loosely based on the 1925 conviction of John T. Scopes, in a famous 'Scopes "monkey" trial.
The basic plot of the story is a man, a school teacher, who teaches a lesson on Darwinism and evolution to his science students, and is convicted.
Very interesting play. Even more interesting is the fact it was accepted in such a conservative bible over evolution society as I live in.
I had a great time, the students were amazing. I love high school theatre.
And- I got home, climbed into my ugly sweats and got to relax...until 11pm so that I could pick my older daughter from work...I know I nodded off a few times waiting.. all for not! She got a ride home from a fellow worker... oh well.

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