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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Scary Scary- The Ice Man

In speaking with one of management here at work at the beginning of this month, it came up in conversation, that we were both a little fascinated by serial killers. Not in a groupie kind of way- more of a 'how could someone be so calculating and smart and so stone cold too' kind of way.
I had mentioned that I had recently been reading an account of some interviews with Ted Bundy, a serial killer known to have been right here in the area I grew up in back in the 70's when I was just a baby.
My co-worker mentioned that he has just watched a documentary on television depicting the life and crime of a mob killer who went by the name 'The Ice Man' and how chilling it was to him (my coworker) to see.
Later that week (a couple weeks ago) he mentioned that he had purchased a book about Richard Kuklinski (the mob contract killer) and was mortified by what he was reading but couldn't put it down. He finished it in less than a week and offered it to me to read. I began Reading the book (all 61 chapters) last Friday Nov. 21st. and like the friend who offered it, I cannot seem to put it down. i am repulsed by his lack of empathy for human life, and yet at the same time, so sad for his childhood. He, the monster, was CREATED by his circumstances. And honestly it is frightening me so much. I had a hard time sleeping last night, after reading a few chapters. i am about half-way through the book now and have been told this half is worse than the first.
I am thankful though, that in the middle of this madness will be thanksgiving, a time for me to reflect on just how much i have to be thankful for. I have a very loving and close family- I was not abused as this man was in his early childhood or thereafter... and I was not nor did I know any of his victims. Not that I could have- back in the 40's thru the 80's in New Jersey.
However- reading stories like that certainly makes you take account of your own life, and how small any struggles seem in the big picture.
I think that when my parents get here in town tomorrow night, I will take a break from the book for the long weekend. Clear my head a little bit. It truly is one of the most emotionally charged books I have read. It actually brought me to tears in a few chapters. Both for his own hurt- and those of his victims.
But- This is going to be a great holiday! getting to see my parents and other relatives... I cant wait.

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