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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4th, 2008

Yes. yes. yes., I am a procrastinator. I cant help it. Doesn't mean I feel any less serious about the election. I will be standing in line later today in order to voice my own opinions and choices. I am not one to spout my views on others politically. But I do think that we should not squander the very rights that we have been given, as free Americans to choose.

Especially minorities. Women and Blacks fought so hard for a right that so many of us take for granted. This right is HUGE!

And please, educate your children, at any age, they are the future of our country. Help them to understand the systems that have been the backbone of our great country since the beginning. Teach them the things they wont learn in school.

As a parent, I try not to push my views and opinions on my kids. i certainly plead my case as to why I feel the way I do. This has broadened my children's views and they feel not only strongly with their own ideas and views but also comfortable discussing differing views with me. That my friends, is the point is it not?

I have never been one of the sheep. I am not a rebel in any sense, but being the Libra that I am, I strive for balance in all things. That definitely has a bearing on my political views also. I don't follow for the sake of 'following'. I don't feel a certain way because my parents, bishop, pastor, president, friends, or any other influence, says that I should feel or think a certain way.

For all the sacrifice, for all the blood that has been and continues to be shed, in order that I may punch in my choices and have my voice, my small voice in such a gratifyingly huge way. Thank you. Thank you to the soldiers in all of the wars, from the revolutionary through Iraq. thank you to Dred Scott and many others who influenced the freedoms of Americas races. Thank you to Lydia Chapin, Susan B. Anthony and so many others who sacrificed so that women's views and opinions were more than just that.
We have come a long way baby! Let's not lose the fight.

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