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Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day and all its meanings

Fathers Day in our family has special meaning. Not only do I still have my father as a big part in my life, But being a single mother, he is a very important man in my life also. My dad is always here for me. He may not be the handiest dad. And I'm OK with that, we manage together. But he is also emotion support for me when I need it. (I am lucky to be close with both of my parents.)

I am embarrassed to say that a few years ago when a mouse ran across my bare wood (preparing to lay wood flooring) living room floor in front of me, I at the age of 38 drove in a fit of panic and tears to my parents house in fear. Dad laughed, asked me to repeat what I spouted in my blubber of sup sup cries and then left me safe with my mother while he got rid of the critter. Forever!

My dad is emotional, sentimental, loving, even if he has a short fuse once in a while.
He reads my blog. He wants me to succeed, he also wants me to be happy. When we were little, my father being a member of the Elks organization, would take my sister and I to the daddy daughter night dinner every year. We would take turns dancing on daddy's toes. In later years, he would be a date for me and my sister and our own daughters. We all know how to dance. I learned to follow from him and I learned the two-step from him also. I will never forget our dates.
I have posted about our hunting trips, we went camping, he took us on his dirt bike, road trips, too many fun times to say.

Although some of them were stolen from my grandpa, my dad always has a toast for special occasions, he has a personalized toast for every couple on their wedding, including mine. He has a toast for our extended family gatherings often and even brought us to tears last Thanksgiving with a toast to my recently passed grandpa while we were taking turns giving thanks. (Even he was in tears and I love him for that!)

A lot of my friends are with out their fathers. Whether from divorce, distance, alienation, or death. I cant imagine the pain. My own children have spend the larger part of their own lives without their father in their lives. I hate that! I wish that they had the opportunity to love a man like I did. Before they choose the man to spend their lives with. I thank god they have been able to spend time with their grandpa, close loving time.

I have men in my life who have been great with my kids. I imagine they will be life long friends to them. However, nothing replaces a true and present daddy.
I love you dad. Thank you for always being there for us. I couldn't ask for a better dad.

I love you dad! Happy Fathers Day- Again.


  1. Your dad is a lucky man. But I'm sure he already knows that.

  2. Thank you SD- It is a two way street. Hope you had a great fathers day yourself

  3. Wonderful tribute to your dad. I lost my dad in 2001 and think of him often. Memories are great, hugs are better.

    Enjoyed reading!

  4. Barry- sorry to hear that. I cannot imagine how hard it can be but your right, memories are great too. And I cherish every hug!
    Welcome to my blog

  5. AnonymousJune 25, 2009

    I know very well how lucky I am. My life is so rich because of my three girls, My wife and My two girls. I love you all so much!
    Love Dad


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