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Friday, June 12, 2009

Growing up is tough. And on my teenage daughter too.

The night after my daughter arrived in Texas, after our long rough day getting her there, she had an even harder night. When she arrived, the bulk of the group was still out selling and she waited at the apartment of one of the girlfriends.
This was not so bad even though she did not know the woman. Later that night her boss invited her to play volleyball with the guys but my daughter was a bit intimidated by the twenty or so men who were all in their mid twenties. So she watched.
She was shown to what would be her apartment with one other girl, but one who had been fired or quit the day before was still there. Three girls is never a good number. They did their thing and she did hers.
She really felt like a fish out of water, everyone in their 20’s and she only barely 18. My own first cousin was there. He as well as a few of the workers had girlfriends’ to occupy their time.
She text me and said she wasn’t expecting to have fun there and she knew it would be hard work but that it really was not what she was expecting. She did not like it there. – Can’t say I blame her.
Her first day on the job was made worse when she climbed into the boss’s car which was to take them to the neighborhood where she would shadow him until she got the hang of selling on her own. She climbed in the front next to him and the others filed into the back…except the bosses daughter... in a fit of rage she made it clear she hated the back seat. And although the boss, her boyfriend said it was not that big of a deal, it certainly made my daughter feel horrible.
There are always growing pains, at a new job. I know too well having recently started a new job. However, of all the jobs I have held in my life, not once did I spend more than a day before someone asked me how I was catching on and if they could assist me in learning the ropes…
And her was my baby, freshly 18, 1300 miles from the only home she has known. In an apartment with nothing but a bed, crying. Telling me she wants to come home and absolutely nothing I can do about it! That is tough on a Mother! I have been in her shoes! I am turning 40 this year and I still get homesick.
It has to be a shock. To go from a house, with a stocked refrigerator, washing machine, Television, friends down the street, and all the other ‘perks’ to completely dependent on a ride to the store, no one to talk to except calling the home you wish you were at….
My daughter is not spoiled, she is a darn hard worker, she is just scared and alone and homesick.
I don’t think she will make it long. We decided that she would finish through the end of the month, see how it goes. (If she comes home early, we are responsible for her travel, and well, that is a lot of money for a single mom). Her brother will be driving home from Kansas the first of the month, we may just have to reroute his trip… I actually think that would be a great time for the two of them if they did make the road trip together.
We will see.


  1. :( your poor daughter, my sympathies to is tough sometimes!

  2. how hard..for both of you!!! whatever happens it will be a learning experience! Does not make it any easier tho!! HOPE it gets better for her!


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