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Saturday, January 23, 2010

If Victor Hugo could see the state of our world now.

My youngest daughter has stars in her eyes, she is a drama student and Shakespeare is a love of hers. This year her school put on a production of her favorite among the Shakespearean Victor Hugo's works. Les Miserables.
Try-outs were held in November and although she didn't get one of the few speaking parts, She was ecstatic to be a part of the ensemble groups. And she shone!

Although the play runs for nearly two weeks, the shows have consistently sold out. The school paid a large royalty fee in order to even show this play at the school. Add costumes, sets, and the price goes up. Hopefully they will recoup enough of the costs in order to continue with great plays in the future.
We live in a very conservative area. Les Miserables is set in France in the 1860s. It deals with war, love, prostitution, prison, and poverty. There was some foul language that to most would roll by as pure realism. Giggles and gasps in the crowd reminded me where I was. There is a scene of prostitution and my daughter stood near her latest love interest. I am not sure if I should be worried at just how well she played this particular part.

There were a few younger actors in this play and they nearly upstaged the senior school students. - Nearly.

In her ensemble scenes, My daughter had four costume changes. So much going on.

The sets, the acting, the music, the talent were all amazing. It was hard to believe that this was a group of high school kids.

The two months of set building, practices before and after school and many weekends has really paid off.

I was so proud of my daughter.

Oh! And she can dance too!

I nearly used 4 gig taking pictures. I am so proud of the school, I am so proud of my girl!
What a great performance.
Sometimes I think that the local talents adds a whole element you don't get in Broadway and Hollywood. An element of real vs beautiful.

When we stepped outside, there was a blizzard of beautiful white snow. Beautiful to look at that is. Not as beautiful to drive in, with a very packed parking lot and most of the other cars driven by 16-18 yr olds. But we made it home safely, I canceled plans for a night out, took some cough medicine and called it a night.
I slept in until 9am this morning, I cannot remember the last time I did that. I suppose I needed it. And woke up to the beautiful snow and clean clear blue skies.
No Miserables here.


  1. She must have made you proud! Great pictures!

  2. Congrats to your daughter on a great performance! My son's high school production starts Thursday afternoon for four performances.

    Your pictures and the snow were lovely!!

  3. Paul- welcome to my blog. and thank you for the comment. I am SO proud of her!

    momto6- wow really 6 kids? good for you! Good luck to your son! Is it the same play? about the photos thank you, photography is a new hobby.

  4. Les Mis is awesome! It's a great musical, and the book is one of the best ever written.

    (btw - it's not Shakespeare, it's Victor Hugo. He also wrote the Hunchback of Notre Dame!)

  5. Oh boy! you are so right and my daughter would kill me! It has been a trying week and my head is not on straight. She has been speaking of Shakespeare so much this month... I guess I got my wires crossed. thanks DH

  6. OMG those photos are amazing!!! Just looking at them makes me want to be there. You are so lucky! And in addition to being proud of her, you should be proud of YOU, to have raised such a great talented daughter! That is something to celebrate.

    On a side note, I'm jealous of the snow you have - wishing I could catch a flight to come visit : )

    Hugs Mama,

  7. Thank you Monica- what a nice comment. You made my day!.
    I will send the snow your way..any way I can.


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