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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sleepless summer nights

This summer has been a whirlwind. The time is flying by. I am enjoying the time with my girls, my son will be home in less than a week ( we last heard) but the job hunt has been a slow one. I have spent some time studying for a license in another career field which will probably just be supplemental unless I can make a real go of it.

The past week has been pretty typical summer weather in the desert region. Even with the Rockies in my back yard, I live in the desert. We have had scorching heat in the triple digits. Thank god it is a dry heat as I don't fare well with humidity.

The summer rains falling between the scorching days makes for some great relaxing quiet time. The smell of summer rain is fantastic. Warm enough to dance in if you feel so inclined. And we have. the cooler night air, the smell of the rain, the slight breeze in the windows sure can lull you to sleep.

But it can't wash away the stresses of unemployment and money issues. All those midnight thoughts running through my head about upcoming school fees and needs. I cannot tell you how many nights the past couple months I spent running over my bank register in my mind, paying bills in my head, and working out money shifts from one account to another... it is what we do right? At the most in opportune time, the wee hours of the morning.

Then we feel sluggish and tired the next morning and the last thing I feel like doing is studying for a test or interviewing for a job possibility.

I learned a trick a few years back.. possibly on a mid-day talk show. And it works well on such nights.

First: get into the most comfortable position.
Make sure you are comfortable in all ways, temperature, covers, pillow fluff...
Then you need to slow your breathing:
Breathe in through your nose inhaling slowly, and fill your lungs.
Then out- through your mouth just as slowly

By this time you should already begin to feel a little more relaxed.
Concentrating on your breathing will keep those pesky thoughts from intruding.

Then Start mentally counting:
No not sheep! Start at 100 and count backwards.
Slowly but not too slow that you lose interest or let the thoughts in.

I guarantee before you get to the number one... you will be enjoying a great nights sleep.

I usually only make it to about seventy-five even on the most stressful of nights.

Try it for yourself.

I know we all have rough nights.

I would love to hear your feedback.


  1. I hope you find a great job soon. I love the sleeping tricks. We used to read really boring books to my now 12 year old when she was a baby. Or read her books in the "Buller, Buller" voice.

  2. Great tip. It's no fun hunting for work right now. I'm out there looking, and I'm being tested by prospective employers every step of the way. It's tough! Good luck in your search


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