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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Picnic Food- Chicken on Ciabatta

With all the outdoor activities we have attended in the summer months, and my employment status still being what it is.... Unemployed, eating out or grabbing fast food can get expensive.
But then, food always tastes so much better when it is made with fresh ingredients.

Here is a recipe for one main attraction we made for our latest concert in the park.

Roasted Chicken on Ciabatta.

I started with a loaf of Ciabatta bread you can find in most grocery bakery's. 
Begin by slicing the entire loaf in two halves.

Next spread on the sandwich spread of your choice. 
I created a horseradish mayo.

Start with a half cup mayo. (I used light with olive oil)
Stir in a tablespoon of Hot horseradish
a teaspoon yellow mustard
salt and pepper to taste 
and a half teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce
Blend well and spread over each half of the loaf

Ciabata is a hearty bread that holds up well when transporting. It has an almost nutty flavor that compliments most sandwich fillings. It will need a liberal amount of dressings.

Next thinly slice a ripe red tomato. Perfect time of year to snag one from your patio or garden.

On one of our more hectic days, we had picked up a small whole deli roasted chicken, some chips and salads for dinner when time was tight.

The legs, wings, thigh sections were the first to go as they are the easiest to snag with fingers.
That left two full breasts. Perfect for this sandwich.
( You could just as easily throw a boneless-skinless chicken breast or two into a 350 degree oven for 40 minutes for a lower calorie choice)
Slice the breasts into quarter-inch thick pieces and cover one side of the bread with them cover the other with the tomato slices. Season well. 

Romaine lettuce is a great choice for a sandwich like this. It's large leafs spread well over the large bread and hold up when paired with smaller meat sections.
It is good practice to make a small slice down the vein of the leaf the length of the vein. This helps the leaf to lie flat and stay on the bread.
Place a leaf or two over the chicken pieces.

Fold the top over and slice into quarters or eighths.
Place in a shallow container to transport.
I reused some restaurant to-go-boxes and deli containers- go green!

Enjoy with fruit

Or a light summer salad.

Very versatile and portable.



  1. AnonymousJuly 24, 2010

    I'd eat that!

  2. Thanks I do hear that is the way to a mans heart :)

  3. This meal looks amazing, I love the fruit salad, so healthy. I love your mayo idea, you can mix it with so many different options. Unfortunately here in VA it has been 105+ deg all week so I need to stay away from transporting any mayo anywhere further then 2 minutes.

  4. That looks DELISH and healthy. I also have to be extremely careful budget-wise, and I need quick and easy when it comes to meal preparation. Thanks for this!

  5. That looks fabulous! I came here after seeing a comment you made on another blog. I am enjoying reading the posts :)

  6. that looks great! I do not eat meat.. but my kiddos do..always looking for good ideas!! Seems you and I are in the same job..means watching each penny!! *sigh*..gets a little old, huh?

  7. Thank you everyone..
    Polwig- Yes we transported it in a cooler and packed it with Ice. Been extra warm here as well.
    I have other budget friendly ideas. I will post them soon.

    Tawny- welcome, please come back.

    Debbie- sorry to hear, it is really getting old!

  8. Wow, that looks great and I am starving. Stopping at the store on the way home!


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