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Thursday, July 29, 2010

More Picnic Foods

Here are two more quick recipes for on the go food. They are not my original recipes but they are great to take with you kept fresh in a cooler.

Layer Dip:

This is exactly what the name implies. You layer the flavors on and enjoy with tortilla chips or crackers.

Start with a shallow dish with a lid. ( again I recycled a salad plate from a fast food dinner)

Spread refried beans liberally over the bottom of the dish. Sometimes I substitute or add black beans to the dip. They are my favorite.

Next spread a layer of green chopped chilies.

Then a layer of Salsa- Any kind will do. Tomato, mango, even black bean salsa.

Next spread on a layer of sour cream. My mother likes to stir a packet of taco seasonings into the sour cream for added flavor.

Top it all off with a fresh chopped tomato, some cilantro and salt and pepper to taste.

Easy to pack and yummy refreshing snack.


Caprese Salad:

Another throw-together snack we took on our picnic was this Caprese salad. Fresh and elegant it goes well with white wine.
All it takes is fresh mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil.
We found a flat rolled mozzarella cheese that added a bit of a twist but was more work.
We rolled out the cheese, spread sliced tomatoes over the top
Basil leaves, olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.
Next we rolled it tightly. Hind sight on this rolled type of cheese- I would use very ripe tomatoes and hold the olive oil until the slices were complete..
Slice into half-inch slices and place in lidded container.

This salad can be made in many ways. Rolled and sliced, cube tomatoes and cheese then stir together with torn basil leaves, or fresh mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes and basil.

We finished off our picnic with spinach- chestnut spread over baguette slices and summer salads. Perfect!

So much healthier than a bucket of chicken.


  1. OK! I want to come and eat at your house!! YUM!!!!!

  2. Love the picknic ideas... the caprese is my favorite and you can take along oil and balsamic for dipping... love love love the rolls


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