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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New year new beginnings

Note: to all of you who entered to win a copy of Life as we know it. on my previous post,
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Today could possibly mark a new beginning for me. Those of you who have been reading me for a while might remember the last post I wrote about job seeking and interviews. I have been lucky enough (or not) to have been through two plant closures and one reduction of force in the past 5 years. This following a twelve year stint at one job. It has been tough.

I have been unemployed and seeking for nearly 8 months and as a full time worker since age 18, am bored to tears.

Today I had an interview. There are more interviews to be conducted, but I think I may be offered one of the two jobs open. Although I am hoping for the higher position, I will probably get the slightly lower spot. It may mean a little less money than I have made in the past.... The funny thing is, I am ok with that.

The company seems to be a great atmosphere. It is a wholesome health product company and they practice what they sell.
The position itself is so much more my style than positions I have held in the past. It will be similar in many ways however the difference being, the freedom to express ideas. The freedom to collaborate with other teams, vendors and customers openly and suggestively.

The reason I went into the field I studied was for the artistic aspects. Aspects that have been stifled in my past. I am excited! There is also more than potential to move ahead and take on more responsibility but it was almost promised.

I will await the next week when the second interviews are taken before getting ahead of myself. But I truly feel free and excited and truthfully when it comes to work,  it has been a while since I have felt that way.

In other news- My baby girl, the one who just got back from the Shakespeare festival in warmer climates, will  debut her very first associate directing gig tomorrow night. I couldn't be more proud.
The school is putting on Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Phantom of the Opera' Masterwork beginning this week.

And my youngest has spent the greater part of the past month and a half ( yes through the holidays) coaching and mentoring and costuming and primping the actors in their parts and solo's. And also many weekends hammering and sawing and building the set. My other daughter and I will be braving the bitter cold snow and wind to catch the performance tomorrow night. I hear the Chandelier is stunning!
Pictures and review to follow.


  1. Is that the correct email. There is a comma after sha.

    Otherwise, thanks for the give away.

  2. good luck with the job interview. sounds like a great place to work.

  3. oops.
    no commas


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