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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer. ~Ansel Adams

I received the most awesome Christmas present this year. So awesome in fact that I cannot seem to figure the durn thing out. 

Most of my childhood photos were taken with a Kodak Instamatic with a removable flash cube. Anyone remember those? Flash cubes? It was easy to use. Point and shoot and rarely a photo out of focus. The colors were pretty vivid as well. Without this camera, I would have a hard time remembering my 'firsts'. Our family never owned a video camera so the stills are our life in pictures.

I have been interested in photography since I was a young child. At the time I owned a Kodak Instamatic. The coolest at the time. Slim enough to fit in my pocket, and the flash too. The only problem was that it took 110 film so I could not snag my parents extra 126 film. Nor did their cube flashes work on mine. But so many memories made. Goofy pictures with my friends, family and school groups. Glad to have shared them at my 25th reunion. 

We also owned a color Polaroid instant camera. It was fun and instant but the film was expensive, and the quality was poor. Love the groovy rainbow though. These were great for parties and reunions when you wanted to share the images instantly... well within 3-5 minutes anyway. Shaking them, did that really help?

More recently we have owned a few digital cameras, which in the beginning to me seemed to be a bit of a pain. I used most of my pictures for hanging in frames and showing to relatives at gatherings. What did I need with photos that were only left in my camera and computer? Now? I admit, I do miss the old film developing. I do however love the conveniences of digital and have nearly mastered the art of printing them myself. Although without the aid of a true photo printer.

I have fiddled with photography more and more, attempting to produce creative and stunning art. I have a long way to go. Until Christmas this year, I have only owned point and shoot cameras. 

And now I enter an entirely new world. My first digital SLR camera.
I have very few photos of Christmas this year that are in focus. I have a lot to learn. I hope to learn and practice here so feel free to give your feedback on any photos. 
Here are some of my 'practice attempts' over the holiday's

Getting a little bit better

I also took all of the photos in my last post with this new camera. I am getting better but most times I end up back on auto focus. I also think I may need to invest in some change-out lenses of differing zooms.

But this is one think I am excited to learn. I need to learn about Aperture, zoom, focus and lighting.
More to come:


  1. Fun.. Makes me want to sing the Paul Simon Kodacrome Song.. btw did you know that Kodak no longer makes that film :( memories... Photography is fun, I wish I would have more time to learn about it, only so many hours in a day... soon very soon... once kids go to school.. except that I have about 50 other things I want to do in that time too :)

  2. polwig- I completely understand about the time issues. My kids are all grown and it is still difficult. But I am excited. I too thought of that song. And yes I heard that it's (Kodachrome's) manufacturing was recently discontinued. And a few photographer's have stashed some away.
    Thanks for your comments

  3. how fun!!! enjoy your new toy!!! you deserve it!

  4. I grew up with an Instamatic 50 in my pocket. I live in Sweden and I bought one when I was about 12 years old(1964).I payed 13 Swedish Crowns(about $2) and I lowed the camera. Love to see Your picture.

  5. Thank you for the comment Unknown. I wish I would have seen this comment a while ago. I think there was something to be said for the older cameras and our first camera is one of our first loves is it not?


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