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Monday, February 14, 2011

Today is full of love and not because it is February 14th

I am just reaching the end of a horrible head and chest cold made worse by the fact that I am still unemployed and thus uninsured. My girls have been so busy with their own activities, and yet they have made the time to make this week much more bearable.
They are quiet when I need sleep, they offer up blankets when I am feverish, and they have kept up the household chores. And last night, the worst of the week they made me some chicken soup and kept me full of liquids. I love those girls.

Our house is full of flowers for the holiday thank you to my girls and my gifts to them.

As for the cold. I have nearly coughed up a lung. I have gone through a half box of tissues and my tongue is raw from sucking on vitamin C and cough drops. I believe I am now on the downhill slide however.

I applied for a job week before last and walked out of the interview really feeling confident. However, with over a week since the interview, I am losing faith. Job hunting can really take it out of you and make you feel valueless and un-needed. It is wearing on me.

Also this week was the final curtain on my daughters directing debut with the Phantom of the Opera production. I attended a second time on the final night with the brother of a long time friend of mine and his wife. I was deep into my cold, but went anyway. It was as fabulous as the first time. However, I was a bit amiss when the final curtain came, with the curtain call. As the actors each took a turn bowing in succession of  their roles. The cheers from the crowd filled the auditorium.
And then there were flowers and gifts showered on the drama teacher, the orchestra teacher and the choral teacher. With standing ovation! Well deserved.

Why was I amiss? After three months of daily practices, set build, wig and costume preparations, late nights, and long weekends; after dealing with complaints of the actors, last minute changes, technical issues and set repairs, my daughter, the assistant director was not even recognized. It didn't matter if she was given flowers, or gifts, but to not even recognize her hard work is inexcusable.

She was very possibly the only one in tears that night.
We discussed it. She had recognition from family. I also explained that recognized or not, she had been given experience and opportunities to last a lifetime. It was a small token but seemed to help heal the wounds.

She attended the cast party and all was forgotten.

And now on to her next project- Miss Strawberry Days!
Oy! Let this cold leave soon. And bring on the employment opportunities.


  1. What a wonderful talented girlie you have, not only does she know how to take care of you she can also do a Mad Phantom. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Hope you feel better!!!I know how discouraging unemployment is!!:( ! Your daughter sounds amazing and talented! good job MOM!!

  3. Thank you both. I think I am almost over this cold. It lingers...
    I truly have been blessed with some wonderful kids. And better news! I received notice today that I was called back for a second interview next week some time. Things may be looking up!

  4. Really hoping you feel better soon. The unemployment worries do make everything so much harder. I know - all too well.

    Hang in. And kudos for those kids who help with the mood and everything else!

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  6. Well tell her that a single mom in Victoria, BC Canada is giving her HUGE kudos for an amazing job well done. I will give her a standing ovation for all her hard work and tell her that she should be so incredibly proud of herself. This is something she can put on a resume, she learned so much, she proved to herself that she knows how to work hard even when not recognized. I am proud of her! XOXO

  7. Thank you so much TBL I am proud and I appreciate your ovation.


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