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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The fog may be lifting

I took this picture on my way to work this morning. The lake effect has created fog under the inversion we are experiencing.

I felt it fit perfectly as a metaphor of my life this past month and a half. A bit foggy. When I was fighting Bronchitis in December, it seemed as though I was in a state of constant fuzziness. Whether it was the fever, the side effects of the cold medicine, the tiredness of spending the night coughing instead of sleeping.. I just didn't feel like my brain was functioning at 100%.

In the past week, I have been feeling better, however, still in a bit of a slump, not back to normal. Sometimes I feel as though I am affected by seasonal affective disorder. Usually around this time, after the holidays, after I have enjoyed the first fallen snow of the winter, after I have warmed by a fire, and I have HAD ENOUGH!- I get the blues.

But, today, right now, I am at peace, the fog is lifting, my head is clear, and I am in a GREAT mood.

So! Bring it on!

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