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Friday, January 30, 2009

A breath of fresh air

I have not had the time or the energy for blogging lately. When I think of Bloggie posts, I think of happy, fun gibberish. But lately there isn't too much to say.

Writing resumes, sending applications and waiting. I am so glad I just finished my degree but I hate to sell myself. Never been good at that. And I have never had to. i am beginning to realize the stability there is in long-term employment. The security of a paycheck, and insurance. But also the friendships you make. They become your second family - your home away from home. I will miss my coworkers. We will keep in touch, as I have with so many from my previous employer, but it wont be the same as sharing experiences over a cup of coffee, taking a break from work for a minute or two to catch up on a new baby or interesting life experience of a friend.

I'm leaving town today, headed south to my parents. I love road trips. They clear my head. My oldest daughter will be with me, as my other daughter is attending a Thespian workshop. That will be great mom-daughter bonding as we crank up the old 80's tunes and belt out til we are hoarse.

I'm hoping the weather will be warmer than here at home. I could use some sunshine. Being around family will help with the blues too. There is nothing like family to tell you your number one! And my parents are the BEST!!!

Possibly new photos to share next week.

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