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Monday, January 5, 2009

Health is not valued till sickness comes. -Dr Thomas Fuller

I am feeling so much better! Nothing like a bout with Bronchitis (or two or three) to let you know how nice it feels when you are not sick, when you can once again breathe without coughing up a lung. I feel as though the cloud has lifted. I realize there are much worse sicknesses to endure, and I told myself that many times over the past three and a half weeks. But still, healthy is the bomb!

I am feeling better just in time to return to work, the daily grind. And to make some resolutions for the new year:

1. Get those finances in better shape. As a single mother, it is essential that I pay my bills, and on time. No-one else to blame if the water gets shut off. I don't own any credit cards, and that has served me well. However, I also have no savings. 2008 was a tough year. Lots of unexpected expenses, Which I have discovered, will always be the case. And so... this means I need to make some changes. Cut back on some spending, work on the book I began writing so many years ago... now that I have a bit more time on my hands. Anyone have any other ideas?

2. Lose 20 pounds. I have been able to stave off too many extra pounds in my 39 years on this earth, however, my love of bacon and deep fryers has started to put a little air in that spare tire. I would like to come up with a new regimen which will not only help me to shave off the extra 20, but also get my asthma under control. I cant say as I have ever been in top physical shape even in grade school when show-off Marvin Curly would make his rounds around the goal posts lapping me by two or three rounds... but this year I would like to get in better physical shape than I have ever been. And just maybe- that will keep me from fighting bronchitis next December?

3. Write more letters to my son. There is no good excuse, but with school and other obligations, I did not sit down and write enough snail-mail letters to my son. He does not have Internet access and I have become way too dependent on technology. Also, He will soon be changing location from Alabama to Oklahoma and so, we might be able to fit in a short road trip?!

4. Save enough for repairs.- And complete them. The roof needs replacing, the chimney is leaning, the kitchen needs a complete overhaul, the car needs some maintenance and repair. I hope to save enough for all these things and still have a bit of a nest egg.- Oh and that shed I need to build... and..

5. Visit my parents more. Now that my parents live 300 miles away, time must be scheduled to see them more often. I have not lived more than 10 minutes from them my entire life, this is a change, and I am not good with change. But we can also stop by and see my ex's family on the way- for the kids.

6. Eat-in more. Fast food is a convenience, and became more so as I was attending night school. But not only is it less healthy, it just downright doesnt taste as good. I will strive to make more meals at home, even if the girls eat it the next day as leftovers because I have yet to learn to cook for one. It is win-win as I will share my recipes here.

7. Watch less TV. When attending night school the past 8 years, on the few nights I had without class or homework, all I wanted to do was veg out and not have to think at all. This turned me into a reality show and sitcom junkie. This year I will watch less and read more. I will also take more walks and enjoy some of the peace that I used to so many years ago.

8. Keep in touch with old friends -more often. I am still in touch with many old co-workers, and school friends but I would like to catch up with them just a little more often this year.

9. Work on my posture. Ever have a picture taken and then look at it later and you look like a humpback whale? Well I do, in almost every picture ever taken. My back hurts all the time, my 'spare tire' hangs out a little too far. If my posture were better it would cure a lot of what ails me. And so, I will work on this. As I write this, I realize this one has to start immediately!

That is all I can think of for now, and it will be fun to see if I can follow through. As I have a history of just the opposite... But if I blog it, then I have to follow through right? Here it is, written for all the world well, -one or two readers- to see.

Over the holidays I was lucky enough to meet one of the readers of my blog. My kids and I went to my best friends house on Christmas Eve and they had their family get together that night. It was so sweet... I was not expecting to go there that night, it was a last minute thing. Also, I was not sure who would be there. But not only did I get to see my friend, and her Family who I love like my own. My friends brother and his wife Karen were there. Karen and Robbie have become friends of mine also throughout the years that I have been friends with Shar. But it was a surprise to find that they brought me an unexpected and sweet gift.
Karen's sister, who told me she also has read my goofy (my words not hers) blog, but she too was sweet enough to bring me a little something. I have never been really great at accepting gifts without feeling a bit awkward. And this was a bit awkward. But at the same time, fun to know that someone out there (Karen included) is somewhat entertained by my ramblings....

Here is a photo of the sweetheart and her gift. My newest friend, DeAnn. Sorry I dont have a picture of Karen.
ahem- I took this photo, and she posed for about 10 minutes (I was later told) with her sweet pasted on smile...because my mouth just keeps running... A trait I have had since I was a teenage girl and which I have passed on to my girls.

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