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Sunday, August 23, 2009

An oil change and a summer walk

Wow! This summer is flying by. I wish I could find more time to write here. I miss this blog. But so much going on, and when there is nothing going on, I just feel like doing nothing.

I think the winter months are when I write my better stuff, wrapped up in a blanket, hot cup of coffee in hand. Summer months you want to get out when it is cool, get the yard work done, spend every last drop of sunlit hours of the day you can doing anything you can. For me, it is hard to spend the summer, my favorite months indoors at a computer. I would imagine that some of that comes from the fact that as an engineer, I sit indoors at a computer a lot of those daylight summer hours.

Summer months can also mean a lot of extra house and yard work. It seems there is always something around here in need of repair. The past couple weeks it has been cars and the air conditioning (which in my area is a roof mounted swamp cooler). My swamp cooler needed the regular tune-up but also began to leak into my house... two days repair and it still needs something. I am not at my best at increased heights but I managed.

Next I had car problems, a friend came by to help me as she has family members who know mechanics, and she herself has repaired her own car many a time. Being a single parent on a limited income it can really save you money if you can do any of your own repairs. Car, house, furniture.. any repairs you would otherwise pay someone to do.

Yesterday, I tackled for the first time ever, changing the oil in my car. Other than buying the wrong oil filter, struggling with the bolt plug that was on pretty tight, and the tight space under the car putting my claustrophobia into overdrive, it went really well. And boy did it need it!

Afterward, while getting some house cleaning and laundry caught up, my youngest and I popped in the latest NetFlix delivery.
One Flew over the cuckoos nest starring one of my favorites, Jack Nicholsen in a winning performance. I am not sure why I have never seen this movie before but I surely have missed out on a great movie.

Later, after a great dinner of stuffed pork loin and cabbage we took one of the dogs for a summer evening walk. I love summer evenings.

all in all it was a great Saturday. Productive, nostalgic, and relaxing and I found time to write here too.


  1. Sounds as if it was the perfect day.

  2. It really was a great day thanks

  3. How awesome that you changed your own oil! Good for you. And I always love the nature pics you post. You live in a beautiful part of the country. You're blessed!

  4. DH- thank you. I will continue to post nature through the seasons.. so keep coming back.
    And actually- I am proud of my self too.


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