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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer mountain air and great music - lets dance

I have lived in this state my entire life. For a single mother with a very limited income I have made it my mission to expose my children to as much culture as possible within our monetary limits.
We have taken spur of the moment road trips. We have been hiking in the nearby hills. Attended local fairs and festivals so much to see and do for very little money.

This past Wednesday night was no exception. A mountain ski resort holds a free local artist concert every Wednesday night throughout the summer. We have not been able to attend for years with my being enrolled in night school. This past week my youngest daughter and I decided to go. It was a rush to get there as my older daughter had just pulled in to town from her summer in Texas and I was a little late getting off work. But after changing into more comfortable attire and saying good bye to daughter number one who had other plans for the evening, we headed out. It was beautiful weather and the crisp mountain air was nice.

Nothing beats an open air concert. The way that the music bounces off of the cliffs nearby, the openness of the canyon is better than the best of acoustics in an indoor theater or music hall.

We spread our blanket and settled in with a fresh squeezed lemonade from a shack at the park. Which strangely tasted like a mojito drink. We didn't bring a cooler and I didn't notice the beer and wine area until we were walking out. But it was refreshing none the less.

Because we were late getting there, we were not very near the stage and I was OK with that. the aforementioned acoustics afforded everyone a great show regardless of your seating. There was a nice crowd but not over crowded. Up near the stage there were people dancing feeling the spirit of the night. We were near the top of the hill and no one in our section seemed to know there was music being played. Talking and laughing getting louder and louder.

Until my daughter and I began dancing. Yes, right there in the middle of the chatter. All eyes were on us. But we didn't care. It was our concert too. It was our stress relieving night out in the mountain air and we would spend it how we chose. No one in our section stood and danced. we got a lot of attention for a while and then they let us dance without the looks of disdain.

It was a great night, a couple hours was all it lasted but the scenery and the ambiance cant be beat.

Who says you need money to have a good time?

I believe it is the company you keep that is most important.


  1. Glad you had a nice time. I love outdoor concerts.

  2. I am glad you had a nice time, open air concerts are the best.

  3. thanks BJ- we are going again tonight.
    So much better than a stadium or amphitheater
    thanks for the feed back


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