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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Growing up as a kid in Utah, Memorial weekend is the emergence of spring, the launch of the summer months, the end of the school year and families are on the move.

The highways are overcrowded as trailers, campers, Motor homes and boats head for the mountains, lakes and dunes to soak up the sun.
Stores cannot keep the picnic supplies stocked, campgrounds are full, and the docks of the lakes are bursting.
It is family time to be sure.

I remember many a memorial day Sunday taking flowers to the graves of lost family members, the beautiful colors covering the green lawns. A tradition I share with my own kids.

But after I was married many years ago, memorial took on a new meaning.
My second child and first daughter was just under one month old when her father saw her for the first time. He had been stationed in Germany for most of the pregnancy fighting for our freedoms in Desert Storm. Being a military wife is difficult i know first hand.

Not only financially and stressfully, but being without the one you love can be really trying. Women married to men who work long hours or travel often for business know how hard it can be juggling a family single handedly. Add to that the fear of the danger that so many enlisted are in. It is tough to explain to your young children why their parent has to go away and many times, you don't know for how long.

I cannot imagine the pain of explaining those who have given the ultimate sacrifice to their children.
My husband was only deployed for five months. We have been divorced for nearly thirteen years and he has not been active in nearly twenty but I feel for those who live with it everyday.

And now, I am a military mother. I have to say, I think it is even harder. No one wants to see their children hurt, or in danger. To me he is still a little boy. The one I made a commitment to protect. And now, he protects not only me but many many people given the low card in life. Many people torn from their homes and safety by dictators who should be protecting them. And many more who live in freedom every day. Many people who don't support or understand the sacrifices and the reasons.

I would like to dedicate this post to my ex husband, my son, and all of the thousands of enlisted men and women who fight in the trenches and deserts for me every single day.
And a second shout out to the many other men and women making sacrifices for our freedoms, safety and luxuries without a second thought.

Nurses, Doctors, Police officers, Fire fighters, miners, oil riggers, the list can go on forever. I appreciate you all. Be safe. You are all hero's.


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  2. Girl what a great post, I am a police officers daughter so he may have never been deployed. Still risk his life everyday.

  3. I second your dedication!

  4. Dokemion- You are right about single parents, very important
    BJ- Thank you for your fathers service. It was a sacrifice both for him and you as his family. I am appreciative.

  5. An important post. How easily we forget the true meaning of these holidays. Some of us have memories from childhood, teaching us about their importance. Thank you for the reminder.

  6. Thank-you for expressing with such heart felt words the importance of today and that in the end we all want peace and that is what our sons and daughters in uniform sacrifice their life for each day, it is for peace not for war as many might think. I know, I served in the US Air Force for 22 years and my mission was always peace even though war or threat of war was often our business.

  7. Mark- thank you for your service. Peace is definitely the goal and the challenge. Peace for all.

  8. Beautiful post...I too was a military wife and saw first hand the sacrifice it takes for all!! I know you are proud of your son..we are proud of him too!!!!


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