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Monday, May 10, 2010

In your own backyard

Are you feeling a little bit stir crazy? Is Spring fever beginning to make your temperature rise? Stress and work getting to you? Do you need a vacation?
What about in your own neighborhood? Do you take the time to appreciate the beauty around you?

During the summer months my girls and I get out in nature often. Hiking, walking, road trips and yard work. There is beauty all around us.

Last summer we traveled to the nearest metropolis and took some photos of the inner city. We looked at the city through new eyes. We noticed things that we would on any other day, walk or drive right by.

The past two weeks, while my son was in town, we did a lot of activity. Even more so after I was laid off and home during the day.

We also had a house guest, his girlfriend Sam. Sam is from Kansas. We experienced Utah through her eyes this past week.

When we picked her up from the airport, she was amazed at her first view of our monumental mountains. 

She saw Sundance Resort Home to Robert Redford for the first time:

Her first time watching the hang-gliders floating off the cliffs

She saw a Moose at the lowest level of elevation I have ever witnessed.

Some beautiful things that you can't see in Kansas

But one of her favorite things about Utah? Our very own claim to gourmet cuisine fame? 


Fry Sauce is a simple sauce, very very popular in this area. I don't know why it has not caught on in other areas but we here are nearly addicted to the stuff on our french fries. But that is for another post.

Sam had a great time and we got to see our own area through new eyes. What a great time we have had.

What is in your backyard that you might see differently if you were not from the area?


  1. what a great post!..what a great way to get break and to look at the world through new eyes...

  2. We so often miss what is in our own backyard. Thanks for this reminder to appreciate where we are now.

  3. Debbie and Mark, would love to see some of what you see too

  4. Great post... I want to see robert redford's house... so awesome... I can't believe you saw a Moose... is that common or rare?

  5. Polwig- I have not actually seen Robert Redford's house, (except on a TV interview) it is private property hidden in the trees.
    But his resort is beautiful and he can be seen at the restaurant there. Moose are more common at really high elevations. this one was real low

  6. Great post! I agree, there is so much right around us. I'm lucky enough to be able to cycle through a redwood forest very near my house. (The Tour of California will be riding through those mountains next week - can't wait!)

    love the pics you posted

  7. DH-I have seen those Redwoods, breathtaking. Will you be riding in that tour? would love to hear your thoughts


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